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    Glencoe posts textbook resources such as practice quizes, chapter summaries, and suggestions for further research.

    Drinking Water and Sanitation Around the World
    Percentage of people with access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation

    Against All odds an online game created to increase awareness about refugee situations.  You can login with  The password is bobcat.

    Can kids really accomplish anything?  Check out the kidsareheroes site:

    Click CIA Factbook for information about different countries.

    Good search engines include

    Independent Study and Extra Credit

    Want to organize a postcard exchange? Click the Cyberbee site. Why not do some independent research for extra credit (not "instead of credit.) Watch the Discovery channel, read a book. You can check out the Philippine Exchange above, and then research more about the Philippines. Maybe you can think of a creative way to share your research with the class.

    If you want information about Hampshire County Fairs & Contests  click the link:  The Division II Social Studies Fair is Wednesday, March 12, 2008 at Augusta Church of Christ  (Snow Date:  March 13th)

    Here is the State Social Studies Fair site:

    You can click here for the new 2008 wv social studies fair official abstract (WORD)

    Click here for some helpful Ideas for the Social Studies Fair.

    Independent study in class? Study resources include the class website, the Philippine exchange, Encarta encyclopedia, search engines above, library books, or text Review. Whatever you choose to work on, you should leave a ResearchNoteSheet.htm or Research at the end of class. You can turn in a disk and a summary if you prefer.  You can open this "ResearchNoteSheetComputerFormat.doc."

    You can follow the steps on the link to create a PowerPoint presentation.

    Current Events
    If you want to watch the 10 min. news program, Click on CNN Student Site and the password is: access32.  Other sites include:

    Channel One
    NY Times Current Events Quiz
    News Currents Current Events Quiz
    Scholastic Current Events Quiz
    Channel One Current Events Quiz

    If You want to try your Geography Skills click: Geogame Click on "Play a Game." The username is "p.1". The password is "geomaster".
    Include your first name and class period as your team name.
    You may find this
    Timezones Map helpful.

    Click here for
    a beautiful look at
    Our Planet Earth or  Earth at night from space.
    Geography Games
    Funbrain Map Games
    Geography Games
    GeographyWorld Links
    Torpedo Downloadable Geography Games
    How are your manners? Check out your knowledge of International Manners.
    Learn about Kids Around the World.

    Foreign Language?  If you want useful phrases in French, German, Italian or Spanish, click this
    foreign dictionary

    Here is another good site to learn a foreign language:

    What's Your Foreign Name? Click to find out.

    Say Thank You in other languages:, or or or


    Click the link for Owl and Mouse Downloadable Map Puzzles.

    Check out the  American Girl Travel site.

    See specific tips for Mr. Bailes' class by clicking TIPS FOR SUCCESS.
    And here are some tips for writing an ESSAY.