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Word Central offers kids a student dictionary, Word of the Day, and interactive word games. Includes homework help and lesson plans for parents, teachers.
HomeworkSpot Homework Help, Science Fair Project Ideas; Virtually all subjects.
Kids' Castle Articles, photos, games and contests. Post messages for kids in other countries about Smithsonian Magazine articles.
Word Games
"Fun and Games"
"Word Search Puzzle"
Then click and drag to circle the words.
(Crosswords, too.)

My Footprints: Acres of the Environment

Encarta Quizzes

Click History Channel
At the top, click, "This Day in History"
Enter the information for "What Happened On Your Birthday?"
Teen Builders Ideas and Resources
TerraServer Aerial and Topo Views of Anywhere
Personality Sorter site
Commonly misused words
Animal Lover's site
Expanding US Map Boundaries
financial ed.
Site honoring the American Flag
Current Events
Click the link to see the Berkeley Springs Observatory.
Nile Journey.
Channel One
Microsoft Clipart

Dissect a frog?  Then click "demo"

Want to read a great book, but you can't get to the library? Check out Bibliomania.com. Free on line books: fiction, drama, poetry-- by famous authors .
Click on the link for: your elf name .
Or your hobbit name. .

PowerPoint Tutorials or
Hawaiian Name or
Gooder English and betr speln
Trunk Monkey for a totally useless funny video.
name that song
word power.The username: caponbridge; the password: bobcat1

Click Respect Refugee Forum to learn more about this growing problem."
U. of Minn. Duluth w/Myers-Briggs Type indicator