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  • Ch. 4 The U.S.:

    You can click here for Review Questions for Chapter 4

    Ch. 4 S. 1 Outline "The Land"  Ch.4.S1.outline.htm

    Ch. 4 S. 1 Review Questions GlencoeGeogCh4S1pp89-94RevQuest.htm

    Ch. 4 S. 2 Economy Review Questions GlencoeGeogCh4S2US_Econ.htm

    Ch. 4 S.3 Review Questions GlencoeGeogCh4S3pp102_106RevQuest.htm

    U.S. map puzzle

    our 50th state, Hawaii  and 101 Free Things to Do on Oahu and 20 Cheap Secrets of Oahu

    Washington, D.C. Or click here for a list of sites of D.C. sights. OR... Click for a slideshow:

    Kendra's D.C. trip, Yan Yang's D.C. photos, D.C. photos, Jason Pricket's D.C. on Flickr, Dan Henderson's, Kris's D.C. photos.
    Chapter 5
    Canada Review Questions ,

    Ch. 5 study links and outline.

    Unit 3 "Latin America" intro highlights.

    "Mexico" Glencoe review questions.

    Ch.6 Mexico Review Questions Review Questions

    Ch. 6 Mexico Outline; and

    Graphic organizers about Mexico's Economy, History, and Land; or a site taken from CIA Mexico.

    Ch. 7 flags and info

    Ch.7 C. Amer & W.Indies Notes

    Ch. 7 review questions

    Ch. 7: Central America graphic organizer, or West Indies graphic organizer or Carribean graphic organizer.

    Webquest Central America

    Ch. 8 S.1 "Brazil" review questions or a Brazil outline

         s. 2 Argentina (none)

         s. 3 Venezuela  and Caribbean S. America review questions

    S.4 Paraguay and Uruguay review questions

    Ch. 9 Andean S. America review questions.

    Ch.9 Stuff

    Ch.10 Stuff

    You can click to hear Ch. 10 audio files, which include: S. 1, the UK, pp. 288-294, or S. 2, Ireland, pp. 296-299, or S. 3, France, pp. 300-304 or S. 4, Germany, Switzerland and Austria, pp. 306-312, or S. 5, The Benelux Countries, pp. 313-316.

    Ch_11 S. Europe Review Questions 

    more Ch. 11 Links

    Italian Language or Italian Language

    Ch 12 Review Questions or Ch 12 N. Europe Question Chart.

    Yahooligans posts many resources. You can access their sites by clicking: Norway or Sweden or Finland or Denmark or Iceland or Vikings or Hans Christian Anderson or Mermaid statue. Also Iceland's Rotten Shark Meat or Nordic music

    Ch. 13 Eastern Europe Czesc, Polska!
    S. 1 Poland Graphic Organizer, or Ch.13_S.2 _BalticRepublics, or Ch13_S.3_Hungary_Graphic Organizer or Ch13_S.3_CzechRepub. Graphic Organizer.
    You can also click to  Ch.13 Review Questions.

    You can click to hear audio files of Ch. 13, which include: S. 1, Poland or S. 2, The Baltic Republics or S. 3, Hungary, Czech Rep. and Slovakia or S. 4, The Balkans or S. 5, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova. If you want better quality, audio tapes and CD's are available.
    Click here for info about  Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. Czech Republic , Slovakia Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria,  Albania, Slovenia, Croatia, Boznia Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Ukraine, Belarus, or Moldova.
    Click here to meet some kids of Bosnia or Romania. 

    Ch. 14 Russia

    Ch. 14 Review Questions.

    more Ch. 14 Review Questions and Links.
    Here is a list of possible Russian history research topics.

    Ch.15 Russian History Review Questions$File/Ch.15RussianHistoryRevQuest.htm

    Ch. 16 N.AFRICA: Click here for ch. 16 Review Questions

    Or click these links for Graphic Organizers: Ch.16 S.1 Egypt Graphic OrganizerCh. 16 S.2 Algeria (G.O.), S. 2 Libya (G.O.), S.2 Maghreb (G.O.), Ch. 16 S.2 Morocco (G.O.), and Ch. 16 S.2 Tunisia (G.O.)
    Click the link for information (Yahooligans) about
    Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, or Tunisia.

    Ch. 17 SW Asia Review Questions Answers   Nice map

    Countries of Southwest Asia. (Countries of Southwest Asia and North Africa)

    Ch.17 S1 Turkey Outline

    Ch. 17 S2 Israel Outline

    Ch. 17 S.3 Syria Outline

    Ch.17 S.4 Arab Peninsula Outline

    If you have PowerPoint, you can download the Ch. 17 PowerPoint Presentation.

    Ch. 18, Central Asia and the Caucasus Republics including S.1, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia, ; S.2 Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan,
    Click here for a study guide for Ch. 18. Hot links provide photo hints. You might want to print the answers (there is a link at the top of the page), then fold the right side of the paper over the answers.

         Template of Ch. 18 PowerPoint Slides. Click here for Ch. 18 PowerPoint Directions.  

    Ch 19




    Ch. 24, China Study Guide.  and China Scavenger Hunt
    Yahooligans China page, or the Great Wall of China quiz game, search China China Videos, or these Marco Polo sites. If you have Real Player you can click here to learn to speak Chinese Phrases. You don't need Real Player for this Chinese Phrases page. You might like this Chinese number site.

    1.      China quiz

    2.      China Map quiz

    3. Quiz

    4.      Discovering China - "The Middle Kingdom":  History     Cultural Revolution      Movers & Shakers      CityScape     Contributions    Quizzes    Real Movies

    Ch. 25 Japan and Korea Review Topics and Links.

    Here are some additional resources: Japanese (Language) Room, or Japanese Language--, or Basic Japanese

    Language--, or Wikipedia-- Japanese Language 

    Ch. 26, Southeast Asia. Section 1 includes the mainland: Myanmar, Thailand Laos, Cambodia, VietNam. Section 2 discusses the island countries of Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, and the Philippines. Section 3 will deal with Indonesia. You can click here for Ch. 26 Review Questions.

    Ch. 27 Review Questions with links. or  "print friendly version".

    Section 1 features Australia.

    Section 2 features New Zealand.

    Ch. 28 Oceania and Antarctica study topics.  

    Click here for Misc Links or More Links 

    Landmines and other possible research links.  

    Here's a free downloadable map puzzle site And an online practice

    The U.N. posted a flag and water quiz"."

    the Peace Corp's Peace Gallery " for a virtual tour of many countries. (Like Botswana where Mr. Duggan was a Peace Corp volunteer.)."

    You can find GEOGRAPHY  quizES (extra credit?) on Funbrain

    Want to study Holiday Customs?