Kent Moreno Visits CBMS
In November 2007, Kent Moreno shared his ancestral home, Colombia, with about 70 7th graders.  The majority of Kent's family still live in Colombia.  Since 1978, Kent has visited many cities in Colombia. His most recent trip this past summer, with his wife, Mollie was his sixth trip and her first.   Colombia is the only country in South America to have both a Carribean/Atlantic and Pacific coast.  He shared photos and stories of Santa Marta with its tropical beaches and snow-capped mountains a short drive in the distance.  He had photos of Cartagena, the walled city, surrounded by Spanish forts which was the heart of the Spanish Main referred to in so many pirate movies and stories.  He was in the Andes mountains in Bogota, the capital city which is 9,000 feet above sea level.  We saw tramways in Medellin.  He shared facinating videos.  "Richness of variety" might be a good way to begin to describe Colombia.   Tropical rainforests and  flat llanos.   Colombia has the greatest animal diversity of any country in the world.  Colombia has an incredible list of world famous artists, rock stars, and authors.