Steve Bailes

ritard (ri tärd)Variant of ritardando

adjective, adverb.

Musical Direction becoming gradually slower; Etymology: It, ger. of ritardare, to delay: see retard

noun pl. ritardandos -·dos

Thanks to all the people who have enriched my life.  Colleages, you taught me so much through your dedication.  Students, I have so many wonderful memories. 

My wife, Terry Lynn, shared our year abroad teaching in Samoa. Click Samoan Sites for information and photos from this South Pacific paradise.
I wrote a weekly web based article for the Hampshire Review while we were "on island". Click: "Teaching Abroad"/ Hampshire Review if you'd like to read about some of our experiences. It should have been titled "Clueless Abroad". (Not all the date links work.)

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Chapter audio tapes and CD's are available, as well as a PowerPoint  presentations.

Glencoe posts textbook resources such as practice quizes, chapter summaries, and suggestions for further research.

Terry Lynn and I accompanied Hampshire High students on a trip to Italy. What incredible hospitality! You can click the link to see photos I posted from our trip to Vercelli,2004.               

You can click the link if you want to practice with map puzzles posts game which earn food for world hunger: World Capitals or Identify Countries on the Map.

 "Visitors and Travel" page for information about people who have visited our classroom.
Phippine  Teleconference
You can click   Class Of 2013  or to see photos of our Plilippine teleconference.

  Ernie Hawkins performed at Capon Bridge Middle School.  Thankyou Hampshire County Arts Council.

   Capon Bridge and Hampshire County lost a wonderful friend Wednesday, April 1, when Deb Roomsburg Fuller passed away. You can click here to read tributes to this exceptional lady.

Click here to see the People of Influence Painting

We took part in a Postcard project.  You can click the link to see our postcard

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