Deb Roomsburg Fuller

Capon Bridge and Hampshire County lost a wonderful friend Thursday, April 1.  Deb Roomsburg Fuller passed away. 

"DEBRA ANN ROOMSBURG FULLER, 53, Augusta, died Wed., April 1, in Winchester Med. Center. The family will receive friends Mon., April 6, at McKee Funeral Home, Augusta, from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. A memorial service will be held at a later date."  Hampshire Review

Steve Bailes Home

Janet Bailes Thomas I still have the first home decor I ever received for my new married homemaking, which was from her at CBElem.

Amy Nesselrodt Boaz  Such a great person lost.  I was thinking about her recently when my 6 year old was wanting to learn cursive.  I can't believe [Mrs. Fuller] was only 53, so she must have been 23 when I had her for a teacher.  I can't imagine being in charge of that many kids at that age, and she handled it so well.  Please give my condolences to her family."

Diane Rose    She was also one of my former teachers, 2nd grade I think.  I had no Idea she was sick.  I have fond memories of her from school that I will cherish.

Lydia Moreland   Mrs. Debbie Fuller passed away Tuesday.  She loved Devin and was a saint walking on the earth.

Annette Landes Tomek  I was blessed to have her as a teacher as well. I also got to spend a little time with her in the hospital a couple months ago and she remembered who i was. She was a great person and she will be greatly missed....

Melissa Crouse Thorne I found out at school today. She was one of my favorite teachers. I just talked to her not too long ago. I know I have all my class photos, but they're still at Dad's, and I'm not sure where they are. I'll try to remember to ask him about them.
Tina Whitacre Ladd Mrs. Fuller was definitely one of my favorite teachers and luckily I had a chance to see her and chat a little throughout the years. The last time I ran into her was at the end of January. She always asked me to call her Debbie and I just couldn't get over that student/teacher hump...and secretly I always thought of her as Miss Roomsburg!
Hampshire County has lost a wonderful friend and teacher, and what a fighter. It's a sad day, that's for sure.
Erica Lee Debbie was one of the strongest people I have ever met!! And I'm so thankful I had the chance to meet her.
Michele Hash I am very sorry to hear that. She was one of my favorite teachers. I'll keep her family in my prayers.
Nancy F. Heavner Paul and I have been friends since high school. They have always been so close.
Valerie Burgess Fasching I heard about it first thing this morning. Jeff Pancione, Principal at Augusta Elementary, called me and told me because my daughter is in the second grade and had Debbie this year. She also taught my son several years back. He was in her class the first year she found out she had cancer, and she spoke at his 5th grade graduation about how her students that year helped her through it all. She was definitely an inspiration and will be sadly missed. My daughter and son were distraught at the news today. They loved Debbie, as did I. Such a sad loss!
Nicole Davis wow, I haven't seen Debbie in years, but I adored her. I didn't know she had cancer. I guess I've been out of the loop. I am very sorry to hear the news. Thank you for letting me know. I'll definitely be praying for her family.
Sara Peabody Thank you! Amy (Alkire) Charlton actually called me today and told me the sad news. Definitely an inspiration and from what I know, have been told, and have read, she lived life to the fullest. Do you know when and where services will be held?
Stephanie Bailes Brown As I was reading to the kids tonight, it made me cry. Knowing Deb was big of the reason I could read to my kids.   Let me if you hear what the arrangements are. I'll try my best to come.
Steve Bailes  My daughters were blessed to have Deb as their teacher, and I was privileged to teach with 2 of the Roomsburg family.  The first I remember hearing of Deb was when I was a senior at Hampshire High, and I heard Deb Roomsburg was the winner of the Betty Crocker apple pie contest. 
   I had heard of Bill and Dot Roomsburg.  It seems every school has those teachers that embody the best of the school.  Dot and Bill were those special teachers for Augusta Elem. and Hampshire High respectively.  Paul and Deb got those teaching genes honestly.
    I remember dealing with heart-broken kids because they weren't going to be retained in kindergarten for a 2nd year.  The "lucky" students-- the "special helpers" were proud to be spending another year with Miss Roomsburg.
    Deb loved her students and communicated that love so well.  She was such an inspiration to so many.
I will always remember when we were teaching at Capon Bridge Elementary, I got an urgent request to to come to the kindergarten room.  A very volatile child had "flipped out", and was in the middle of the room looking for someone on which to pounce.  Deb had all the students in a corner behind her.  She looked, for the world, like a mother hen protecting her chicks.  Usually her nature was shown in less dramatic ways, but that was Deb-- mother  hen-- loving, nurturing her chicks. 
Steve Ritz  Debbie was such a light to us all.  She’ll be missed greatly.  No word on the arrangements yet but they had better have a very large place.