Current Position: 

 Associate Professor (Docent) at Social Structures and Social Relations Department, Faculty of Sociology, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine

on web:

Head of MA program Gender Studies  

Academic Degree, Title:

  •    PhD in Sociology (Candidate of Science in Sociology) 2005,
  •    Docent (Dr.). 2008

      Main Research Interests:

  • Social Inequalities Dynamics in Comparative (European) Perspective;
  • Post-Soviet and Postсommunist Transformations in Comparative Research;
  • Life-course and Life-Success Strategies;
  • Gender Stereotypes, Gender Inequality and Gender Order (local and comparative issues).

 Current & Recent Research Projects

  • "Masculinities in Transitions" 2018 by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) at the Univesity of Sussex, Great Britain under support by the EBRD (In-country consultant)
  • Mental health and well-being of internally displaced people: copying tactics and resilience in conflict-affected societies’2018-19  School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Science of the University of Birmingham in collaboration with Ukrainian Catholic University  under support by Wellcome Trust UK (Research Fellow)
  • 'Ukraine’s hidden tragedy: understanding the outcomes of population displacement from the country’s war torn regions' (2016-18) by Birmingham University, Great Britain ( Advisory Board of the project)
  • " Sociology and Cultural Political Economy of Post-Socialist Transformations in Eastern Europe" (School of Advanced Social Studies, Slovenia); "Sociology and Post-Socialist Transformation: the Case of Ukraine" – in cooperation with prof.O.Kutsenko
  • "Ideological and Political Cleavages in Ukraine" (2014) by FAFO Institute for Labour and Social Research, Oslo
  • "Comparing Demographic Trends and Labor Market Fluctuations in Ukraine and Slovenia during the period 2000-2014 (position: Analyst), 2013-2014

  • The World Bank Report 2013 "Jobs" - the case-study on Ukriane
  • ReSET project “European Visions and Divisions: Comparative Studies for Advances in Teaching Sociology” (HESP\Kyiv, Ukraine)
  • Health in Time of Transition (EU FP7-Health – HITT)  
  • Social Transformations in Boarder Region (Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova) Center for Advanced Studies and Education(CASE), European Humanitarian University, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Laboratory for Comparative Social Studies leaded by R.Inglehart at Higher School of Economics, St.Petersburg, Russia

Books editing and authoring
Babenko S. Social Inequalities in Evaluations of Ukrainian Population (by the results of International Social Survey Programme 2009). Ed. Olga Ivaschenko. Kyiv, 2009 (in Ukrainian)  content

  • Babenko S. Inequalities in Contemporary Society. Textbook and Syllabi for Students. – Kharkiv University Publisher, 2007. – 136 p. (in Ukrainian) content

Sociology in Classroom: The Art of Teaching.
2003 – 303 p. (In Russian) content

Sociology in Classroom: The Art of Communication.
Kharkiv, 2004  – 266 p. (In Russian) content

  •                                       Changing Diversity: Vectors, Dimensions and Content of Post-Communist
    / O.D.Kutsenko, S.S.Babenko (Eds). Kharkiv, 2004. (in English)


List  of the other  PUBLICATIONS

Membership in professional organizations:                        

  •  from 2007 – till now Member of International Sociological Association (ISA), Research Committee 28 (Social Stratification), Research Committee 9 (Social Transformations and Sociology of Development)
  •  from 1999 - till now Member of European Sociological Association (ESA), Research Network on Social Theory
  •  from 1999 - till now Member of Sociological Association of Ukraine (SAU)