SB70 Video Production - Online Class
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In this course we will be exploring the world of film making. By examining classic films and film language, you will learn to produce your own short film.  You will discover the language of film and learn storytelling throught cinematic narrative.  Because video production is so closely related to photography, we will begin by taking pictures before shooting video.  In addition, throughout the course, you will be creating a Google Site to host your content, share your work, and interact with your classmates.

Each lesson is intended to be completed in one week. With each assignment, you will be asked to discuss films, showcase your work, or produce one or more elements of your video. By the end of the semester, you will have the skills and knowledge to produce your own films in a style that is visually appealing to all audiences.

Work your way through each lesson by reading the material and watching assigned videos.  Each lesson features activities in red that need to be completed by the designated time each week.