Why We're Saying NO to Somak:

Olkeju Ronkai Ltd. have nearly completed the construction of a brand new fenced lodge - Ashnil Emuny Mara Camp - in the Masai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya. 

The lodge is situated inside important rhino habitat crucial for the survival of the indigenous black rhino population of the Mara. 

The Rhino Programme Warden, the Minister for Local Government, the local County Council and Kenya's National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) all originally opposed the construction of the camp due to the threat it would have on the rhino population. 

Despite all this, the construction of the camp continued and is now almost completed. 

Two of the Directors of Somak Holidays are the main Shareholders of Ashnil Hotels Ltd. Even if the authorities are not able to stop the ongoing destruction of the Masai Mara, I at least will refuse to spend my money on safaris with Somak until Ashnil Hotels Ltd. agree to TAKE DOWN THE CAMP. 

I enjoy safaris because I love wildlife, not because I want to destroy it. 

I have no hesitation in putting my name to the campaign. A company of this standing should be prepared to play its part in halting the rash of development threatening the Masai Mara.

Jonathan Scott, Presenter of BBC's Big Cat Diary

As co-author of The Marsh Lions (with Jonathan Scott) I care passionately about the Mara and am incandescent with rage at what Somak and others are doing.

Brian Jackman, Veteran Writer and Sunday Times Contributor.

Black rhinos live, eat and sleep in the area, you cannot distinguish this from breeding habitat.

Matt Walpole, Head of Ecosystem Assessment at the UN Environment Program