Say No To Reservations

I am running the risk of being labeled an "armchair activist", but then the keyboard is much stronger than the gun.  So, instead of sitting helplessly, watching politicians do whatever they please, I have decided to, at least, voice my opinion. Well, I don't have a thundering voice, but if more people join me we can surely get ourselves heard. 

The main objective of this site is to get several people involved. It would be great if you could contribute an article here (you shall receive all the credit for it). Major contributors can also have the password so that they can get their articles on this site themselves. Just send an email to the id given below.

Let's begin straightaway with the current burning topic -- the increase in quotas in higher education. The reservation policy contradicts the statement "All Indians are equal". The recently created forum Youth for Equality aims to restore a sense of equality once again.

Here are a few articles on this topic (these are personal views of the author(s)).

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