Welcome to the Home Page of the Sayler Park Citizens On Patrol. Working with Sayler Park Village Council and the Cincinnati Police Department since 2002.

Our group has been in operation for several years now, but this is our first attempt at a website.

We will be adding content as soon as it is decided what the community wants to know about. One thing we do need is volunteers.

In a recent meeting with our District 3 Commander, Captain Neville, several sugestions were made. We need to increase the number of members on our team. We could then increase the number of monthly patrols. Perhaps other options should be considered...expand the program offerings in the community, like starting a Block Watch eMail group. Perhaps there might be interest in forming a Good-Guy-Loitering program. These do not involve training or even walking.

Does any of this sound interesting and doable to you?

Please check back for updated information. Consider attending a Sayler Park Village Council Meeting. Check out the website at www.saylerpark.org

More to come....