The Importance of Local Food




The Destruction of Local Food Systems

The Importance of Local Food  


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Whether we are conscious of its power or not food is central to our lives.  The food we eat determines our physical and mental health.  A good diet can reduce weight problems, risk of heart disease, and general physical fitness.  Mental health is related to physical health.  A healthy active mind is related to a healthy active body.

Second, the way food is grown affects the health of food affects the environment.  Large monocrops, no crop rotation, the use of harmful chemicals, and the lack of riparian buffers, are only a few agricultural practices that can destroy creeks and rivers.

Third, the distribution and marketing of food shapes our human landscape.  A sprawling development pattern with far-flung large grocery stores and fast food restaurants relies on cheap oil, extensive road systems, and international food sources.  Thus, large-scale food marketing directly destroys the environment and disconnects communities.