English sikho, likho, bolo, lekin socho


English sikho, likho, bolo, lekin socho
"आंसू टपक रहे है , भारत के हर बाग से .
शहीदों की रूहे लिपट के रोती है , हर खासो आम से .
अपनों ने बुना था हमें, भारत के नाम से .
फिर भी यहाँ जिंदा है हम , गैरों के दिए हुए नाम इंडिया से"

In Hindi - Hamare desh ka nam Bharat hai.
In English - Our country name is India.................. why ?

I am learning english language and my objection here, sixty two year going back our independance and we still teach our kids beta apne desh ko hindi me BHARAT bolo aur english me INDIA. why ?
Why are you traslate name of our great country ?

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In Hindi - Hamare desh ka nam Bharat hai.

In English - Our country name is Bharat. ok

In Hindi - Hamare desh ka nam India hai.

In English - Our country name is India. ok

In Hindi - Hamare desh ka nam Bharat hai.

In English - Our country name is India.................. why ?

I am learning english language and my objection here, sixty two year going back our independance and we still teach our kids beta apne desh ko hindi me BHARAT bolo aur english me INDIA. why ?

Why are you traslate name of our great country.

Humare desh ka nam hindi me BHARAT hai esliye ye english me bhi BHARAT hi hoga na ki INDIA.

 Please give answer following questions

Q.1. Britishers who had the desire to destroy the nation's identity. They started their scheme with changing the name of the country. They called it India ?  

Q.2. Noun is the name of a person, place or things. exp. India or Bharat . India=India, Bharat =Bharat. Then why translate India = Bharat or Bharat = India ? 

Q.3. Recently In our country Bombay has become Mumbai, Culcutta has become Kolkata and Madras has become Chennai but India cannot become Bharat why ?  

Q.4. `Bharat mata ki jai' has been the slogan and mantra throughout the Country during freedom struggle. why ?

Q.5. The highest national award open to any Indian is also called `Bharat Ratna` ?  

Q.6. Ceylon has become Sri Lanka. Burma has become Myanmar. Gold Coast in Africa has become Ghana. Likewise we should also rename our great country as Bharat ?  

Q.7. Why `Bharat ka Samvidhan' should be translated as Constitution of India and not as Constitution of Bharat?  

Q.8. In all language call America = America, Pakistan=Pakistan, Shri Lanka=Shri Lanka, Punjab=Punjab, Tamilnadu = Tamilnadu then why Bharat = INDIA ?  

Q.9. My friend name is Surya Prakash. Can I call him Sun Light ? As our country name Bharat and we call India ?  

Q.10. We are proud of INDIAN ? OR We are proud of Bhartiya ?  

Q.11. Why not use Bharat instead of India ?

Q.12. Why two names for our motherland ? Is not retaining the name `India' an act of mental slavery ?  

Q.13. Ek sajjan ka nam hindi me Sundarlal chadda he to kya aap unhe english me Beautifulred Underwear kahenge. A. No, Nahi,  NEVER.

Q.14. Why do we use a corrupt name to describe ourselves?

Q.15. Why foreigner say .................Indian ?

Q.16. You know meaning of Indian which said by foreigner ?

Q.17. You know when and who discover the zero "0" ?

Q.18. When "0" recognise by world then why not recongnise BHARAT ?


ISLIYE MERE PYARE BHARATWASIYO Bharat  ko BHARAT hi kaho english me bhi.

english me india kah kar apne desh ka apman na karo, kyoki




as Rastrakavi shri Maithilisharan Guptji

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1. Written by Mr.M.Rama Jois

Friday, August 22 1997

Let India become Bharat

M. Rama Jois

In establishing national identity, the country's name has a great significance. For our country which has the oldest history of humanity, civilisation and culture, it has still greater significance.

Despite being a vast country with innumerable states, different languages, religions, food habits, customs, usages, we the people of this land have been welded into one nation from most ancient times.

A single name `Bharat' was given to the whole territory from times immemorial is equally an interesting fact of history. The name `Bharat' is our rich national heritage. It reminds us of our cultural values, the great epics, our literatures, saints, heroes, philosophers and our glorious history as well as our unity in diversity. It was the Britishers who had the desire to destroy the nation's identity so that they may rule this country for ever. They started their scheme with changing the name of the country. They called it India. The difference between the two names has been pointed out by the greatest historian Radhakumud Mukherji in his book Fundamental Unity of India,.

``The first expression they appear to have given to this sense of unity was their description of the entire country by the single name of Bharatvarsha. The name India was given to the country by foreigners... The name Bharatavarsha is not a mere geographical expression like the term India, having only a physical reference. It has deep, historical significance symbolising a fundamental unity which was certainly perceived and understood by those who invented the name'', he wrote. It is an undisputable fact that in our struggle for freedom it was the single slogan `Bharat Mata Ki Jai' that united the people of this country.

Vishnupurana has devoted a whole chapter for eulogising the name and special quality of this land: ``The country which lies to the north of the seas and south of the Himalayas is `Bharat' and inhabitants of this land are `Bharatiyas'.

``This land is great because it is a `Karmabhoomi' (land of duty), whereas other countries are `Bhogabhoomi' (land of enjoyment)''.There is another verse, in praise of Bharat which says: ``Even Gods sing the glory of Bharat saying blessed is this part of the earth called `Bharat'''.Having such an attachment to our motherland, it is essential in national interest to retain the name Bharat and delete the name India. But, unfortunately, the very first article of our Constitution gave the name of the land as `India that is Bharat'. This indeed tantamount to translating a proper noun, which is never done. This Article of the Constitution gives rise to several fundamental questions.

Why two names for our motherland?

`Bharat mata ki jai' has been the slogan and mantra throughout the Country during freedom struggle.

Why `Bharat ka Samvidhan' should be translated as Constitution of India and not as Constitution of Bharat?

If `India' is the name of our country, then our national anthem should have said ``India Bhagya Vidhata'', but it says ``Bharath Bhagya Vidhata''. What is the need to substitute Bharat for India?

Is not retaining the name `India' an act of mental slavery?

One can say what is there in a name, so long as the country is the same. On the other hand, from the point of view of our national identity, honour, unity, cultural heritage, the name has a great potentiality. The very declaration that the name of this country is Bharat and the deletion of name `India' from the Constitution and the laws and giving up its use everywhere bring about a psychological change so essential for establishing our national identity.

At least in this golden jubilee year of Independence, Parliament should do justice to the `Bharat Mata' by restoring her name by deleting the words `India that is' from Article 1 of the Constitution.The writer is a former Chief Justice of the Punjab & Haryana High Court.

Copyright © 1997 Indian Express Newspapers (Bombay) Ltd.


2. Written by Mr.V.Sundaram, IAS

India that is Bharath  


By: V.Sundaram, IAS
July 14, 2005
iews expressed here are author’s own and not of this website. Full disclaimer is at the bottom.


In the preamble to our Constitution, our founding fathers used the term `INDIA THAT IS BHARATH`. There is a particular and specific reason as to why this term `India that is Bharath` was used in the first sentence of the Constitution.

On 15th August 1947, not only India got her independence but also a newly-created country called Pakistan got her independence. Mohammad Ali Jinnah, popularly known amongst the Muslims as Quaid-E-Azam, became the first President of Pakistan. Long before he started demanding a separate nation for the Muslims of India, Mohammad Ali Jinnah was an ardent follower of Bal Gangadhar Tilak. Jinnah also enjoyed the trust and confidence of Gopal Krishna Gokhale. Jinnah was out and out a Congressman.

Jinnah had cordial relations with Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad. Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad was however a nationalist Muslim unlike Jinnah of later years.

In the days of Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Gopal Krishna Gokhale, in all the annual sessions of the Indian National Congress, several Congress leaders used to organise separate sessions for having an intensive and informed debate about the rights of Muslims, Harijans and women of India. In those days before the arrival of Mahatma Gandhi on the Indian national scene, the Muslims of India had complete faith and confidence in the Indian National Congress. It is an unfortunate fact of history that only during the Gandhian Era, the Muslims started losing their trust and confidence in the Indian National Congress. Pandit Nehru in particular could never win the trust or confidence of Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

The truth of the matter is that Jinnah, right from his early days, was not ever a strong advocate or champion of either the partition or vivisection of India. At the same time right, from the beginning, he was a consistent fighter for the rights of the Muslims in India. Jinnah in his later years was convinced that he could protect the rights of the Muslims in India only by creating a separate State where they would be in absolute majority. It is on account of this logic, Jinnah started making out a strong case for the creation of a separate nation for the Muslims.

Pakistan is a newly created country as a fallout effect of certain inexorable forces in our national history in the 1930s and 1940s. In our time honoured history and geography, Pakistan simply did not exist. Pakistan was created by amalgamating parts of the Punjab, Kashmir, Sind, Indus Valley, etc. (P-Punjab a part, A-Afghanistan a part, K-Kashmir a part, I-Indus Valley, S-Sind).

On the other hand, for countless centuries from the dawn of history, India was known as BHARATH. This name dates back to the Vedic Age. The name Bharath for India is derived from King Bharatha who was the son of Maharishi Rik who belonged to the Puru Clan to which the Pandavas also belonged. All the religious and social functions are marked by an invocatory chant in Sanskrit which runs as follows:

Pararthe Swetha Varaha Kalpe
Vaivastha Manvanthare
Ashta Vimshathi Tame Kaliyuge
Prathame Pathe Jumbudwipe Bharatha Varshe
BHARATHA Kande Meroho

It will be clear from this that the Bharath sub-continent is an ancient country going back to the mists of unknown antiquity. What we call Pakistan and Bangladesh today were all parts of this sub-continent for centuries. Pakistan was carved out of Bharath (India) and Bangladesh was carved out of Pakistan. In this new situation, it will no longer be geographically correct to call the remaining part of the sub-continent as India. It is this truncated remnant which is described in the first sentence of the Indian Constitution as `INDIA THAT IS BHARATH`. This term or expression does not fully bring out or represent the reality of the situation.

BHARATH from times immemorial was known as India in the west. Our Constitution makers ought to have used the term `BHARATH THAT WAS INDIA` and not as `India that is Bharath`. It is unfortunate that the makers of our Constitution completely lost sight of this vital fact and distinction sanctified by history and tradition.

Many of the national leaders felt at the time of our independence that just as the name Pakistan was given to the newly-created nation with a Muslim majority, so also the name Bharath should be given to India which had a Hindu majority. At the same time, they were also anxious to protect the rights of the minorities in India and keeping this in view they were magnanimous and broad minded enough to refer to our country as `India that is Bharath`.

We should also bear in mind the fact that the Government of India, taking note of this time honoured tradition, has named several government institutions and companies as Bharath Petroleum, Bharath Electronics, Bharath Aluminium, Bharath Heavy Electricals, Bharath State Bank etc. No one has ever alleged that the term Bharath in these contexts is either communal or smacks of saffronisation!

The highest national award open to any Indian is also called `Bharath Ratna`. It will thus be clear that we as a nation have not completely given up or put aside the ancient and traditional name of Bharath and we have retained it here and there for various national and public purposes.

It is quite possible that in the future countries like Pakistan, Ceylon, Bangladesh, India and Burma may get together and form themselves into an Indian Federation. We can possibly think of the name India as being appropriate for such a Federation if and ever it becomes relevant in the future. But as things stand today, it will be more representative of ground level geographical reality, historical and cultural tradition to call our country as BHARATH instead of INDIA.

Mahakavi Bharathi has referred to our country as Bharatha Desam and Bharatha Nadu with great patriotic fervour in his nationalistic songs and poems. Even Rabindranath Tagore in his famous National Anthem has described as `BHARATHA BHAGYA VIDHATA` which means that it is one`s good fortune to be born in Bharath.

Against the above background it will be clear that it will not be historically or culturally or geographically correct to call our country by a general name called India. Pakistan is also India, Bangladesh is also India, our country India is also India——all these three Indias together can legitimately be called India in the larger geographical sense. Having given the name of Pakistan to one part of this larger geographical entity and the name of Bangladesh to another part of the same geographical entity, we can not deny a separate name for our country which does full justice to its timeless cultural heritage and tradition. That is why I am of the view that we should legitimately call our country as BHARATH.

Several countries around the world have renamed themselves taking note of their age-old cultural traditions. Ceylon has become Sri Lanka. Burma has become Myanmar. Gold Coast in Africa has become Ghana. Likewise we should also rename our great country as Bharath. We should not allow petty minded politicians to come in the way of achievement of this glorious objective of calling India as BHARATH.

Some years ago a resolution was passed in New Delhi to the effect that India should be renamed as Hindustan. To this proposal, some objections were raised on the ground that people belonging to the minority faiths might get the wrong impression that our country belongs only to the Hindus. Against this background, the only feasible and sensible option open to us is to rename our country as BHARATH. In a historic judgment, the Supreme Court of India has declared that `Secularism` does not mean a State without any religion but only a State with equal respect for all religions. Supreme Court has also declared that in all our schools and colleges our students must be exposed to the ideals and traditions of all religions and this opportunity for broadening their mental horizons in their most impressionable years should not be denied to them on the ground of so-called policy of sterile and soulless `Secularism`.

So in this new situation all the citizens of India——Hindus, Muslims and Christians———should come forward to live together in an enlightened climate of understanding, tolerance, amity, mutual respect and regard for each other. That was the dream of Mahatma Gandhi——the father of our nation. The people of Bharath as a whole should strongly appeal to the Government of India to rename our great country as BHARATH.

V.Sundaram, IAS


3. Written by Mr.Narasimha

Aug 8

8/8/2007 12:38 PM

India got independence in 1947 and this year India is celebrating it’s 60th year of independence from British.

Indian civilization is at least 5000 years old and spread over the present day India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Burma and Nepal. Some research says, Sindhu became Hindu in Persia and became Indos in Greek and the country was called as India by Greeks. So the word India may be a corrupt form of the original Sindhu. In Urdu, the country is called Hindustan, a place where Hindus live.

However, what is India called by Indians? Bharat. The country is always referred to as Bharat in almost all Indian languages. Though India was not a single Kingdom in the past, all smaller kingdoms were refered to be a part of Bharat Khand. An old Sanskrit mantra says “Jamboo Dveepe, Bharata Khande …” that is, all kingdoms and regions in this part of the world were referred to as part of Bharat Khanda (continent) which now we call as Indian subcontinent. The name is after the king Bharata, mentioned in Mahabharat.

The name Indians is given to many aborigines and tribals of the world like Red Indians in USA, Australian Indians, Amazon Indians .. etc . Many times, Indians in US are mistaken as indigenous Red Indians. Even though one shall not rise at the cost of others, it is considered derogatory.

I always wonder why we call our country as India and ourselves as Indians? Why do we use a corrupt name to describe ourselves? Why not make Bharat, the official name of the country and all Indians as Bharatians (or Bharat vasis). We call the country Bharat Desh, anyway, in almost all our local languages. Only, it shall be made official internationally. Of course, we shall not use Hindustan as the country is also home to many other religions.

What is there in name, so ask many. However, to me, every thing starts from name. Even a small spelling mistake in our name offends us and it is strange that we, as a nation, are not at all offended by a corrupt name given to us by some foreigners. We continue to take pride in that and call ourselves proud Indians. I think it’s time we shall know the truth...

Vande Mataram Video


4. Written by Dr.Harmander Singh posted September 28, 2007 - 2:52am

India is not the Original Name: It is the Bharat, the Bharat Mata, Mother of Indians

The name of Bombay changed into Mumbai as Calcutta

to Kolkata, as there have been great claims for the devotion for nation. What about the borrowed name India. We may think. The name of India is Bharat, the grand civilization. The word India reminds of the slavery as this name was having the different meaning. The word Indus was for India. The mockery made to the grand civilization of Bharat, naming it India is from the Indus, the name of a valley.

On the other hand the Bharat is the name, the original name of India, which signifies the great and grand civilization now much view as a mythology.

The Myth is simple the event, which does not have a historical time calendar, we have the time calendar for Bharat. We can say Mother India; however the other word is Bharat Mata. Mata has a spiritual effect on the minds of the listeners. We say mum or mom, not mother. When we call India

as Mother India it seems to be a dead word. Mum or mom have feelings, just imagine calling our mothers as moms or mums, the same feelings come when we say Bharat Mata.

For example the Mumbai is a goddess on whose name the Mumbai is having a name. It is an honor to the Mumba Devi. Now Bharat is the most devoted citizen of India calling his or her mother as Mata. The word Mata has the greater and the higher levels in the Indian civilization.

The one who does not honor mother is not having blessings from the gods, goddesses and the angels, we all know it spiritually. The reason for calling nation as the Mata is the par of Indian civilization as the mother has the most honored place in the religions and the faiths of India. So, we honor our nation as Mother, the Mata.

The name Bharat is having the Mata with it for all to remember that as we love our moms and mums, the nation also deserves it. We may be proud of children of Bharat Mata as it says Bharati, the children of Bharat Mata, Mother India.

It is not a cynical thinking when we want to have emotional and social maturity with high intellect, the I.Q. Our I.Q. may not allow us to say Bharat Mata, but we all need it for becoming the members of the world family, the Mother Earth, Dharti Mata, the Grand Mum of all. Thanks!

Author: Dr. Harmander Singh


5. Written by Mr.Arif-Ali-Saiyed

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why India...Why not Bharat? Why not Hindustan?

Now and then I keep watching over news channels people protesting to get their City's name change to the old one ,
1. Bombay to Mumabai
2. Calcutta to Kolkata
3. Cochine to Kozikode
4. Bangalore to Bangluru
5. Mysore to Mysuru
6. Madras to Chennai

Why are we thinking only about cities, and not about the country?
India is the not the orginal name of bharat, It was Bharat, Hindustan.

Well the answer is politicians are the one who provoke people to change thier city's name
just for their own benifit, and as we know politicians are as small as their thinking...

They can't think of fighting for changing India's name on the globe to Bharat or Hindustan,
becuase for doing that, they have to approach the people outside their state, which they are not interested in...

Behind all these cities name changes, it has been small parties only whose scope of work has been limited to thier state...

I wonder why no big party like Congress or BJP ever took up this issue ?


6.Written by Ms.Divya Chouksey

November 10, 2009

Its not 'INDIA' its BHARAT..and Iam 'BHARTIYA!

When people ask me where do i belong to, I say 'Bharat'! I belong to Bharat, not India! I belong to Hindustan..A hindu country, a hindi culture,..the reason being 'Hindi', we are Hindi, we are BHARTIYA, 'HINDUSTANI', the word is derived from HINDI. Its unfair to be known as Indians while we are Bhartiya!

'Bharat' is a hindi country,which has an english name?! Not fair, if everything is swadeshi, if language, culture,people, religion, everything is pure and orignal then why the most important thing 'the name' is corrupted. why does BHARAT has an english name.

The name India is derived from Indus, which is derived from the Old Persian word Hindu, from Sanskrit Sindhu, the historic local appellation for the Indus River. The Constitution of India and common usage in Hindi also recognise Bharat as an official name of equal status. A third name, Hindustan( Land of the Hindus), has been in use since the 12th century, though its contemporary use is unevenly applied.

The English called it 'India' from the Greek 'Inde'.
Different names were given to our country by different people.
The names were-
Jambudvipa by ancient Indians
Sindhu by ancient persians
Inde by Greeks
Hind by Arabs
Hindustan by Persians
India by British
Bharat in present times!

Above logic explains it all. Hitherto we are Bhartiya...aint we? Makes sense! we should proudly call ourselves Bhartiya...!If spanish speaking people belong to spain, if french speaking people belong to france if ...nigerian speaking people are nigerian then why should we not call ourselves Hindustani, if we speak hindi! why are we named by outsiders..in their languages..? we are simply, Rationally 'Bhartiya' from BHARAT!
Posted by Divya Chouksey at 6:14 PM