Flute Book

Finally YOU can have access to all of the tools to be a great flutist!


In this course you will find the tips and tricks that all great flute players know and use.


Are you tired of being a mediocre flute player?  Are you just starting out on the flute but feel that you’re missing something? 

Every great Flute player started as a beginner. Your school band teacher does not have the time and often the knowledge to teach you the little "tips and tricks" that all flute players need to know.

I wrote this book because many young Flute players can't afford private lessons and have no way to learn these little tips and tricks that all beginning flute players should know.  I started writing this book at first for my own students as a guide with basic issues.  The best part of this book is the audio examples.  Some information can best be taught when it is heard.  Throughout the book you will find audio examples.  The book will describe how something should be done, and then the audio clip will allow you to hear how it actually sounds!  This valuable information can only be provided by a teacher, but it is yours with the audio clips provided with the book! 


This kind of information would take years to get on your own, and would require a private teacher to show most of it.  I am positive that if you are a flute player and have been playing less than 4 years, you will be glad you bought it.

Here is a list of some of the information you’ll find in the book.

-History of the flute: Who invented it, how many are there, what keys are they in, etc.

-How to read music: Everything you need to know about basic music reading. Includes written examples and detailed explanation.

-Assembling the flute: The do’s and don’ts

-Holding the flute                                                                           

-Embouchure (your mouth on the flute): What does it mean, how to form it, tips on making it work. Includes detailed pictures

-Breathing: Proper breathing and control

-Open hole vs. closed hole: What is the difference, and which should I have?

-Cleaning and maintaining:  How to clean and why to clean, things to do if you have a problem

-Tonguing: What is it, how do I do it correctly?

-Getting a flute: Where, how much, brands, pitfalls, buying online etc.

-Fingering charts                                                                                            

-Practicing: What should I be practicing, how can I best use my time?

-How to adjust the end plug

-How to play high and low: Tips on how to get the flute to play those difficult high and low notes!

-Flute players you should know: Great list of players you should know and how to find recordings of them.

-Hearing loss:  How to avoid it, how to get some good earplugs.

-Finding a qualified teacher: Where to look if you want private lesson, what you should do.

Tuner and metronome: What they are, and why they are worth their weight in gold (and then some)!

I’m confident that this book will absolutely help the beginning Flute player.

If you have problems with the download, or have any questions, simply email me at : swid441@gmail.com

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