The Canton of Brackendelve

Run For Your Life The Saxons 
Are Coming V  

JUNE 2nd - June 4th 2017

At Historic Fort Wayne

6325 West Jefferson Avenue

Detroit, MI 48209

Site opens at 6 p.m. on Friday June 2nd and

9 a.m. on Saturday June 3rd 

The Saxons will be invading Historic Fort Wayne.  Come and help
the Canton of Brackendelve defend their lands against the Saxon hoard!

Bring your bows, arrows, crossbows, axes, knives, atlatls and spears.

This year we will be determining the 
Canton of Brackendelve's
Heroes in Adult and Youth Thrown Weapons, Adult and Youth Marshaled Combat,
Rapier,Youth and Adult archery, as well as our  Arts & Sciences Heroes.

We suggest everyone to make a small donation to Historic Fort Wayne.