The Canton of Brackendelve


Run For Your Life The Saxons 
Are Coming VI 

Saxons vs Vikings 

Sept. 21st-23rd 2018

At Historic Fort Wayne

6325 West Jefferson Avenue

Detroit, MI 48209

This event will be open to the public visiting Historic Fort Wayne.

Site opens at 12 p.m. on Friday Sept. 1st and

9 a.m. on Saturday Sept. 22 and Sept 23rd


Come and join us for a unique style of event where there is much fun to be had by all!!!

This years Event will be pitting the Vikings against the Saxons!! But here’s the twist: you don’t choose your team based on your persona, it’s a random team draw so no decks are stacked! Your lot will be cast upon arriving!! This is an event in that you will work together as a team of either Saxons or Vikings with our marshaled fighters, Archers and Thrown weapons. Everyone will have the opportunity to help their overall team scores by participating in heavy or rapier, on the archery field and the thrown weapons field!

To enter the tourney please bring a small handmade item that will be your entry into the tourney and will be part of the hoard taken by the winning team!!! The tourney is not just limited to heavy and rapier. Archers and thrown weapons can also enter the tourney and be on a team.
There will be archery!
There will be heavy bouts!!
There will be Rapier!
There will be Thrown weapons!!
There will be children's activities!!
There will be children's marshaled activities!!!
A&S Populous bean count for your entries as well!!
A boasting contest During feast!! with a separate prize for the best boast of the day!!
This is an event that you will work together as a team of Vikings or Saxons with our marshaled fighters, archers and thrown weapons having the unique opportunity to help their overall team scores by participating on both the archery fields and the thrown weapons fields!

As always pets are welcome on a leash!

Located at historic Fort Wayne in Detroit, come enjoy the hospitality of the Canton of Brackendelve, September 21-23!! Period encampments available as well as the ability to sleep in the historic barracks!! Mundane tents will be hidden behind a sheet wall. Period feast will be limited seating of 40 people.

The Saxons and Vikings will be invading Historic Fort Wayne.  Come and help
the Canton of Brackendelve defend their lands against the Saxon hoard!

Bring your bows, arrows, crossbows, axes, knives, and spears, swords and raipiers.

We suggest everyone to make a small donation to Historic Fort Wayne.