Grading Policy

My Saxon Math Teacher Grading Policy

Reviews are similar to homework and test problems. I have found them beneficial for my students to know what types of problems will be on the test. 

All tests are pre-printed so students can do their work on the same page as each problem. I cannot accept test work on separate sheets of paper. Tests can be downloaded to be taken and then scanned (or a photo of each page can be taken) and emailed to me at They will then be graded within 24 hours (except weekends and holidays) and returned with all grade markings and a score (both points and percentage) at the top. ALL TESTS MUST BE TAKEN AS INDICATED IN THE CURRICULUM. For example, Algebra 2 Test 1 will be given after lesson 6 and before lesson 10 only. If not taken before lesson 10, the test will not be graded. Only one (1) test will be graded per student per week. 

Test grading is based on a partial point system. I grade on a basic 3 point per problem standard. For problems that have work, students lose 1 point for a careless mistake: not labeling, a simple arithmetic error, writing a wrong number, etc. Students lose 2 points for a process error. If they didn't complete the process correctly or it looks like they don't understand how to do the problem, etc. Finally, they lose all 3 points if they don't even attempt the problem or simply write down an answer and it's incorrect. On a test, if you can do a problem in your head and write down a correct anwer, good for you. If the answer is wrong and I can't see where you went wrong then you're losing all the points. Not showing your work is a risk! As the problems become more difficult and have more steps, they are worth more points. In Advanced Math some problems can be worth 5 or 6 points! The point value of each questions is listed in parentheses on the test to the right of each number. For example, 2. (3) indicates that problem 2 is worth 3 points. 

Please use the ASK THE TEACHER form to contact me with further questions.