Welcome to My Saxon Math Teacher!

This site is for homeschoolers, homeschool parents, and anyone else who uses Saxon math and needs a little help. I really like Saxon math! Of all the curricula I've tried, while none are perfect, this is the one that I've found to be most successful when used right. 

Each lesson takes about 10 minutes for the lower level lessons. In Algebra 1 and above the lessons can be longer as the concepts are more difficult, especially for Advanced Math (Pre-Calculus). 

Please take advantage of the HOW TO TEACH information for each grade level (3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, 9th - 12th). Videos are broken down into quarters and there are resources for each book's lessons on that same page. Check out the resources! It's not all done yet, but more videos are added each day. 

You can subscribe by the month or for a whole year for VIDEOS ONLY, VIDEOS + WEEKLY ONLINE CHAT with the teacher, or VIDEOS + ONLINE CHAT + TEST GRADING

If you have any questions, be sure to contact me. Sometimes exceptions are necessary.

Gotta love math, 

Your Saxon Math Translater

All Yearly Subscriptions are for 
One 10 Month Year (mid-Aug through mid-June)
unless other arrangements are made.

$10/month or $100yr

Videos + Weekly Online Chat: 
$20/month or $200/yr

Videos + Weekly Chat + *Testing Svs & Grading:  
$30/month or $300/yr

* Testing Service includes reviews with answers and grading of tests. See grading policy here.