The Saxon Heart Challenge 2012

10 months, 10 Kingdoms, 10 marathons          
The aim:
To raise money for the British Heart Foundation after suffering a Heart Attack. I intend to raise money by running one off-road marathon per kingdom in England and Wales as described in the Saxon map of the Heptarchy during May and October in 2012.
"I was down but I was never out"
The seven Saxon kingdoms are:
    Northumbria, Mercia, Wessex, East Angles, Essex, Kent and Sussex
 In additional the following  kingdoms will also be covered:

          Wales, Cornwall, Strathclyde 

The Marathons:

 The Marathons will be official off-road/Multi-terrain Marathons.
(Should injury occur or the marathon is cancelled or I am unable to run on the day another marathon for that kingdom will be run. If one cannot be found then a course will be defined and ran and the result independently verified)
To see the Marathons and the current status of the challenge, click here
The challenge is complete. All ten marathons completed. The challenge has been finished on a high note with Dave beating his personal best (PB) time by two minutes (previous PB had stood for over 20 years) and Emmy beating her PB for the half marathon by six minutes!
I would like to thank all my supporters and sponsors, the challenge formally closes at the end of November 2012, so there is still time to sponsor us. Many thanks from Dave and Emmy
On September 25th 2011 I ran the Blackland's Challenge near Calne, a regular race of mine which involves running up a steep hill to a monument, running around the monument and back down the hills. The race is just over 7 miles long. On running down the hill I suffered a discomfort in my chest, rather like I swallowed air that I could not get rid off. It became very uncomfortable and I slowed down, hoping the pain would go away. The pain did lessen and I completed the race and waited for my partner to finish.
However 5 minutes after my partner finished the race the pain came back. I ended up on all fours crouched by my car re-assuring my partner that I would be all right and that I just needed to catch my breath. That was not the case and my partner, friends, the race director, the St. Johns Ambulance service, and a nurse who had ran the course all came to my aid. I was taken first to Swindon Great Western Hospital who diagnosed a heart attack and then rushed to Bristol Heart Institute and straight into surgery.
I hope by doing this challenge that all those that helped me will take it as a token of my gratitude and to prove to those unfortunate enough to have had a heart attack not to give up, as life can be lived to the full.



10 out of 10 Kingdoms Completed