Church bell ringing simulators have been around for a long time now and their use as an important training tool is widely accepted. Besides being great fun, time spent ringing on a simulator greatly helps development of both handling and listening skills and allows a person to get more practice (and with a perfect band) than can ever be achieved in a conventional practice night environment.

However, the vast majority of simulators are installed in bell towers and therefore stand idle and inaccessible most of the time.

Ideally, a ringer should have a simulator at home and be able to "ring a quick course of something" whenever he or she wishes. Owning a Saxilby Simulator makes this possible.

The design of this piece of equipment has been developed and refined over several years and can be regarded as optimal in many ways:

Appearance: The simulator is finished to a very high standard of workmanship and comments have always been very favourable! A significant proportion of the 40+ hours taken to hand-build each unit goes on painting. The simulator comes complete with a top quality 24" sally bell rope developed specifically for this application.

Weight: The simulator is heavy enough to feel extremely realistic, but light enough to be mounted in a normal domestic roof space.

Size: The simulator is not so small as to seem unrelated to a small tower bell, but not so large as to present a problem finding a place to install it, for example, in an attic or a pitched-roof garage. A split wheel version is available to allow installation through a loft hatch.

Portability: The simulator can be easily dismantled and transported in a hatchback car. Technical Info. A basic tool kit is provided with each simulator.

Installation: The simulator generates very modest forces during use and mounting it across two joists or roof trusses has been found to be quite adequate. A mounting kit and a smooth wooden ceiling boss are included with each simulator where applicable.

Set-up: The simulator is fully ready for plugging straight into a suitable PC or laptop running ABEL or BELTOWER and comes complete with a strike-point sensor, 6 metres of cable and a 9-pin serial port connector.

Ease of use: Ringers of all skill levels find this equipment extremely easy to use. The simulator can be hurried along to Minor or stroked along to Maximus with equal predictability and satisfaction. A person who has never touched a bell rope before can often ring unaided in less than 5 minutes.

Safety: The simulator is of robust construction and will not break under normal usage. The novel stay/slider arrangement is both silent and virtually frictionless in operation, while making it impossible for the bell to "go over the top" and pull the tail end through the ceiling. A spare dowel and strap is supplied with each unit.

Cost: The simulator supplied as shown is being offered for sale at the lowest practical price taking into account the ever-increasing cost of quality materials and the large number of hours of labour. A significant discount may be applied to customers wishing to do their own paintwork. How to buy.

The size of the Saxilby Simulator has been optimised to allow proper, two-handed ringing with a proper, high quality bell rope, while maintaining an acceptable level of portability. This realistic and robust construction makes it an ideal tool for introducing the concept of bellringing to a wider audience. The modular design allows any number of units to be arranged together to form a pleasant, versatile, low cost ring. A couple of short video clips of ringing on the simulators are on YouTube and from the Denmisch Ring page of this site.

Saxsim website last updated May 2012