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Fiddle and banjo, what more do you need? Guitar? Okay, we'll throw in a little guitar on occasion. What's that? Okay, we'll sing one now and again too.

Sawmill is an Old-Timey Appalachian duo from Fort Collins, Colorado, that strips the music down to its barest essentials. After all, a fiddle tune can express far more emotion and feeling than words could ever hope. Beth Mosko and Eric David came together with one thing in mind: to play the tunes we dearly love. We see ourselves as humble stewards of one of the greatest forms of American music. We would love to play for you, whether you need ambiance for an event or a band for a dance. We play gigs most anywhere in the Northern Front Range.  If you don't want to get up and dance when we tear into a ripping fiddle tune, we're not doing our job!

We are a member band of the

Central Rockies Old-time Music Association