Laser-cut Animals


Original images:

These emblems were cut on the Epilog laser at the AMTS Fablab at Innovation Hub in Pretoria. Using Creative Commons-licensed images from Flickr (see original images linked in the left column), I created vector images using the 'trace bitmap' function in Inkscape. The SVG file is downloadable here. I'm particularly happy with the detail in the zebra, which has held together well, even though the remaining wood is only 1mm wide in places.

The timber used is 3-ply plywood, but I ran into a little trouble: the wood had been stored at home for around a year, and had acquired a slight curve, so that the laser was cutting through the board at an angle on one end. I had to re-cut some of the pieces as a result. The lesson: make sure your board is perfectly flat when using a laser cutter.

 These squares will be used as patrol markers for a leaderboard in my Scout troop- to show the positions in the inter-patrol competition. After being treated with a Danish oil finish (rub-on linseed oil based finish), magnets will be attached the back of each item.

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