"Sean is a rare individual with Commercial, Management, Technical and interpersonal skills. He will be an asset to any organisation. Sean's attention to detail always puts him apart from the group and his passion and enthusiasm drives results." - Gaurav Srivastava, CEO of Absolute Vision Technology (AVT)

"Sean is a thorough professional. From his appearance to his strategic planning, everything he does, is performed with attention to detail and the best interests of the stakeholders at heart. In 21 years as a publicist, I have not met a more entrepreneurial, business-minded CEO in the charitable/NFP space. Sean's commercial approach to fund raising and his ability to develop key relationships with individuals and corporate partners alike is second-to-none; and he was able to deliver tremendous value to Kolling by setting an exemplary example to his staff and leading from the front." - Nicholas Karandonis, CEO of Power PR

"Sean has provided invaluable advice and support in my role as Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier and Member of the Legislative Council. His skills in operational management are exceptional, as are his strong communication skills which allowed him to efficiently and effectively liaise with a wide range of stakeholders including Ministers and senior Departmental staff to achieve successful outcomes." The Hon Marie Ficarra MLC, Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier of NSW

"Sean's people skills need to be seen to be believed, he has helped me turn inquiries to clients. He must sleep with the mobile glued to his ear and his fingers to his laptop. He had a positive influence on the sales staff of every store because they all had him to fall back on. At a recent in house staff function Sean was the Project Manager at which he excelled. All the staff are still talking about it. I would work with Sean on any project at any time he can see the big picture and knows the right road to take us there. Sean since I've met you I have a new belief in my ability to reach for the furthest star in the night sky (not in the future but now)." - Zoran Kalemusic, Showroom Manager at ColorTile Wentworthville

"Sean is very fair and understanding & his technical knowledge around the systems we're developed for him is excellent. When dealing with Sean around scopes and custom work he has always communicated very well exactly what he wants and how he wants it. He even goes into providing mock ups he has done himself. In the year I have worked with Sean he and I have built up a very good trusted working relationship. He is a pleasure to work with. Sean has a great skill for building solutions and systems. Providing priorities and preparing for new development is a great skill of Sean's. Sean is very good at facilitating and delivering projects within budget and on time. He chases up very well and receives all the feedback he needs for internal preps. Sean is an excellent Manager. Sean is a great salesmen. He has the ability to manage his internal pressures as well as his third party tasks. Sean is excellent with business systems and technology. His technical knowledge and insight into future development is inspiring. I have really enjoyed working with Sean. He is calm, friendly, fair and has a lot of system knowledge." Dylan Winik, Elcom

"Sean was engaged as a consultant to assist me streamline and improve our sales and marketing across our retail stores, commercial and installation divisions. His extensive background through his previous roles brought us a fresh look at our own operation and he had a positive impact on our business. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Sean, he is a team player and did a fantastic job creating relationships within the company and gaining respect from our business partners, which is not an easy job for an “outsider”. I would have no hesitation in hiring him again for other business development projects in the future." Brooke Stuart, Managing Director of ColorTile Group

"I found Sean's skills, experience and motivation, an invaluable resource in helping us to grow retail and commercial sales and achieve profitability in a fiercely competitive market. Sean showed an almost instant understanding of our needs, and an eagerness to learn as much as possible about our industry with its deceptively technical product issues and complex needs. His efforts and contributions were very effective and helped us achieve growth targets at a time when the industry was seriously struggling. I have the highest regard for Sean, his abilities and work ethics and wish him all the best. I am available at any time to discuss Sean's contribution to our business and my absolute confidence in his abilities." Phil Carroll, Director at ColorTile Brookvale

"I have found the experience of working with Sean excellent. The achievements the team have made last year and so far this year is testament to his ability.” John Apted, National Sales Manager, Housing Industry Association
"Thanks for all your great input and ideas. You are truly a remarkable young man." - Tris Conley, Operations Director for Sanoviv Medical Institute, California

"Thank you for your acute thinking and strategic advice throughout the campaign. To this day people still tell me about the achievements map! I honestly appreciate all that you have done - you were integral to the historic result" - The Hon Victor Dominello MP, Minister for Citizenship and Communities, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Member for Ryde in NSW Government.
- after his historic win at the NSW State Election 2011; achieving one of the largest swings in Australian political history (35%).

"It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Sean. His knowledge, skill set and passion of achieving simply the best on this project. I am also learning from him as we go. A 2-way WIN-WIN situation. He is a team player, a communicator and excellent on what he does. Very well planned and organised at all times. Very easy to work on a project with the attitude and personality like Sean. WG is very lucky to have him on their team." - Judith Viado, Professional Services Consultant at Absolute Vision Technology (AVT)

“I must say that what impresses me most is your calm, knowledgeable and methodical approach to planning of the foundation. In fact when I first met you I knew little of your capacity in this regard and to say the least I have been very impressed. Yyour background in government and your knowledge and capacity for advocacy is outstanding. This is no doubt the product of years of experience in related work and this has reached its zenith in your role as the Chief Executive Officer at the Kolling Foundation.
- Brian Taylor, BA(Syd) MA(Macq) Thl (ACT), Former Mayor of Ku-ring-gai Council / International Banker

"Sean Wilson is a person with great integrity & kindness and we are proud to have him part of the Rotary team because we share the same ideals and that is to do great deeds, the sense to do them wisely, and the strength of character to do them well." - Roseanna Gallo JP, President of Macquarie Park Rotary

"First struck by his dynamism and magnetism; it was his depth of character and captivating personable capacity to naturally build genuine rapport and engage in interesting conversation with each person with which he interacts that was extraordinary. His understanding of peoples motivations and how to tailor his speech and behaviour to optimally interact with each unique individual, combined with his natural leadership abilities and magnetism, creates a powerful and necessary combination for a director of people. His world travel experience provides him with a better understanding of cultural relativity than most and his respectful appreciation for the diversity, interests and struggles of different human cultures creates a wisdom well beyond his years." - John Blackburn, Psychologist & Clinical Nutritionist

"I worked with Sean Wilson during his time at HIA. At the time I was the General Manager – Customer Care and I reported directly to Sean. Sean was more than a Manager, he was inspirational and a great mentor. He was well respected by his team which were spread around the country. This did not hinder operations; Sean encouraged open communication and sharing of ideas within the team. He shared the “vision” as a result everyone understood the big picture and more importantly how we contributed to the organisations goals. Sean revamped all of the marketing material so that our sales force and potential customers could clearly understand the products and services available. The sales manual is still being used today. Sean’s level of motivation is contagious; he is dynamic and has the gift of being able to communicate at all levels, whether he is dealing with politicians or tradespeople." - Belinda Bouverie, General Manager Customer Care, Housing Industry Association

"We benefited greatly from Sean’s advice and support. We attracted new business from retail and trade customers directly and through referrals from builders, architects and designers. The new website that Sean initiated helped to improve our brand in the market place. It made it easier for customers to find out who we are, what we do and how we can benefit them. Online tools such as the projects portfolio which featured details and photos of a wide range of our residential and commercial projects made it easier to build credibility with new customers and win major bids for new projects. I worked closely with Sean on a major project to improve how we sell bathware. There was no core range across our stores which made it difficult to drive group advertising programs and obtain group buying power. In a relatively short time Sean was able to form a project team with representatives from each store, achieve a consensus on what suppliers we would work with, liaised with each supplier to obtain the best information about their products and pricing, updated all information in our POS systems, built an online bathware catalogue with photos to make it easy for staff and customers to find products and rolled this out to stores. There was an almost immediate impact with new customer leads and sales generated. Sean also helped generate new leads lists and organise industry nights that helped to attract new customers and grow our business." - Glenn Brooking, Director at ColorTile Miranda

"It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Sean. His knowledge, skill set and kindness helped me to successfully launch ColorTile Installations; a new business unit providing tile supply and installations for residential and commercial projects. Sean helped me to prepare and win bids for major projects with leading Australian builders such as Becton Property Group, Jandson Homes, Adenbrook Homes and many valuable private customers. He helped develop systems and processes for managing projects, pricing jobs more efficiently and prepared safety plans to ensure that projects were compliant with relevant legislation. Throughout my time at ColorTile Sean was a good mentor, always willing to share his knowledge and skills to help me develop my own business experience. He helped me reach goals I thought I could not." - Jason Micallef, Manager at ColorTile Installations
"Sean had a meteoric rise through Sensis White Pages sales. Early on his focused, professional & intelligent way of approaching his market and dealing with his customers put him on a succession plan to management. He used his previous experience and skills to the fullest but consistently adapted new ways of achieving results. These qualities and his consistently overachieving sales targets saw him promoted to leading the Canberra White Pages office responsible for the Federal Government portfolio. Sean would be a valuable asset to any company." - Barry Lewis, Account Director for Sensis

“I had a wonderful time working with Sean. He is one of the most hard working and dedicated individuals that I have had the pleasure of working with. His professional and social approach to his clients, partners & staff is of a very high standard. True work ethic.” - Shaun Barnes, Senior Account Manager for Sensis

“He is a team player and very consultative in his work practices. Sean always provided realistic and constructive feedback. He is passionate as well as ethical with his work.” - Karen Moritz, Government Product & Marketing Manager for Sensis

"On behalf of the committee for A Country Practice I write to thank you for your contribution and support of our conference held at Rydges, Port Macquarie on Thursday 5th March 2015. The feedback from delegates has been very positive and I’m sure they have all taken home some interesting information to assist them in their everyday tasks and management skills." - Board, A Country Practice, A Conference for NSW Rural and Regional Accountants

"Sean's attitude toward marketing and customer service provided a building block and was utilised successfully on many occassions to manage difficult situations." - Bill Williams, Managing Director for Big Entertainment

"Sean has been a key player in developing and implementing major projects. He has shown himself to be a leader with integrity and determination with excellent people and project management skills." - Chris Sidoti, Commissioner for Australian Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission

"The excellent communication and interpersonal skills he has developed enables him to converse easily with people from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds. Sean's pleasant and outgoing personality, caring and compassionate nature, and overall positive attitude has made him well liked and respected by his peers and all those he comes in contact with. He is a true 'People Person'." - John Allen, Councillor for Blacktown City Council/President Blacktown Chamber of Commerce, Chairperson Blacktown Migrant Resource Centre

"As Secretary of Council's Consultative Committee, Sean's efforts in the areas of Workplace Change were instrumental in driving the Committee towards the culmination of arguably its most productive year since its inception, efforts which were recognised by Council in resolving to record its appreciation in the official Minutes. 
Sean is committed to the concept of Continuous Improvement and, possessing the ability to empathise with Council's Customers, has resolved many a contentious issue on a not inconsiderable number of occassions." - 
Christopher O'Keefe, Corporate Services Officer, Lower Clarence County Council

"Excellent overall quality of service." - Simeon Whitlake, Sony Computer Entertainment

“Excellent standard of communication and helpfulness.” - Phillipe Ackad, Fred Hollows Foundation

“Excellent service.” - Nick Teleniatis, Visa International

“Good service and response time.” - Linda McCabe, Austar Communications

“Being a busy person, I found your efficiency and follow up extremely helpful.” - Annette Karydis, Godfrey’s

“Good quality of service.” - Linda Narline, Hyundai Automotive Distributors

“Excellent service. You did everything quickly and efficiently. Well done.” - Danielle Robertson, Dial An Angel

“Excellent service. Sean is very helpful and efficient.” - Craig Senbruns, Mirvac Group

“Sean is a credit to the company as he is very thorough and organised. A pleasure to deal with.” - Sarah Mumford, Sonic Healthcare Group

“Thanks for your help. Excellent all-round service, courtesy, helpfulness and response time.” - Fabio Cusumano, Peugeot Automobiles Australia

“Excellent.” - Marlene Lombardi, Mastercard Global Service

“Very prompt response to any problems. Service is always of a high standard.” - Daniel Hayes, Queensland Medical Laboratory


“Tremendous – when you think you have nothing more to learn, it’s fantastic when you do.” - Greg, MELBOURNE 
“To be able to stop and ask questions & to be able to answer the clients problems instead of telling everyone about all the services. Reminder of referrals as I never ask for them or think to ask & many other sales tips.” - Adele, PERTH 
“Lots of great sales tips and ways of handling sales calls in a more professional manner.” - Sarah, MELBOURNE 
“Hearing the belief and passion from other peers has given me the realisation that I have been under valuing some of our services.” - Peter, CAIRNS 
“Reinforcement of skills and values. A great concept benefiting all parties; refreshing; long overdue.” - Roger, SA 
“Looking at myself with more confidence in that I would be able to sell. Getting the ‘sales image’ removed and becoming a consultant.” - Tina, ADELAIDE 
“The best thing that has been run in my 15 years with the HIA.” - David, BUNBURY
“Basics never change but I have learnt new ideas on how to implement the process.” - Tony, GOLD COAST 
“Excellent presentation. I will be revisiting my sales techniques. Introduction of ideas I have overlooked.” - Ian, NEWCASTLE
“This was a very good conference. Lots learned, friends made and bigger & brighter appreciation of HIA – Thank you.” - Ray, PERTH 
“Very useful – Great info on (overcoming) objections, closing techniques & group selling” - Adrian, SUNSHINE COAST 
“Positive methods in selling … great to learn from others. Overall a fantastic success” - Belinda, SYDNEY 
“Best 5 days at work I ever had.” – Catherine, MELBOURNE 
“Positive directions” - David, SYDNEY 
“Good conference. Learned a lot. Really enjoyed it” - Romina, MELBOURNE 
“Unmeasurable” – Joris, ALBURY/WODONGA 
”The conference was great. Enormous value” - John, BRISBANE 
“Great conference. Will support my role within partnerships also” – Toni, COFFS HARBOUR 
“Thank you for this opportunity” – John, HOBART 
“Extremely useful tool and will assist in many areas” – Robert, GIPPSLAND 
“Increased awareness of team values and diverse ideas. Conference has given me a fresh outlook; new ideas, skills and a feeling of business ownership” – Stephen, BENDIGO/GEELONG 
“Was great to be informed … loved to learn. Very good. Well done” – Rebecca, MELBOURNE 
“Knowledge/first hand on putting together a structured 3 day course – relevant right down to the summary review for use as a manager … well done” – Ian, LAUNCESTON 
“Highly useful … ideas on networking” – Brad, BRISBANE
“Very informative.” - Chris, SYDNEY
"Fantastic." - Rob, SYDNEY
"Excellent" - Barbara, SYDNEY
"Well done. It was very useful." - John, SYDNEY
"Very very good." - Chris, SYDNEY
"Excellent presentation." - Amanda, CANBERRA
"Very good ... Valuable." - PJ, CANBERRA
"Excellent." - Brant, CANBERRA