General Management

Sean has over 20 years experience in leading people and operations to maximise commercial performance.

  • Preparing detailed plans of action to achieve short, medium and long term business objectives (eg. business plans, budgets, project plans, etc);
  • Building and motivating cross-functional teams of people to achieve mission critical outcomes and other business objectives. 
  • Assuring tasks are done on time, and to required standards of excellence such as setting up regular reporting schedules and empowering people through freedom of action but with clear boundaries of expectations and control.
  • Seeking new, better, faster methods and techniques to do the job more efficiently such as continually reorganising, restructuring and reengineering to reduce costs, complexity and delays; and continually setting better priorities and concentrating people and resources on more valuable tasks and activities.
  • Increasing demand by identifying consumer needs and wants, determining which target markets the organisation can best serve, and developing and managing the appropriate products, services and commercial strategies to satisfy that market.
  • Building, developing and leading high performing multi-channel sales teams to increase revenue tfrom new or existing products and markets. As well as growing sales from online channels.
  • Establishing clear metrics, scorecards and standards for each key job and activity to ensure all reports know exactly what they are supposed to do, in what order of priority, and how successful performance will be measured and rewarded.
  • Establishing and maintaining timely methods to report results to key stakeholders such as boards & committees, senior leadership, operational management and front-line staff.