Coaching & Consulting

Sean helps businesses to increase customers, sales and profits. By improving general management, marketing, sales and IT.

  • STRATEGY - Working closely with the key stakeholders to identify and execute business strategy across markets
  • PLANNING - Preparing detailed written plans of action such as budgets, business plans, project plans, etc;
  • LEADERSHIP - Bringing together the people, money, resources and facilities needed to carry out plans.
  • PRODUCTIVITY - Seeking new, better, faster methods and techniques to do the job more efficiently such as continually reorganising, restructuring and reengineering to reduce costs, complexity and delays; and continually setting better priorities and concentrating people and resources on more valuable tasks and activities.
  • INNOVATION - Continually seeking out new ways to increase sales, cut costs and improve productivity such as keeping current with new technology and look for ways to use it to get the job done faster, better, cheaper; and encouraging a creative climate, rewarding ideas for innovative approaches and solutions from others.
  • PROFITABILITY - Constantly looking for ways to increase the profitability of the organisation such as ways to increase sales from new or existing products, boost cash flow, and improve net profits; and ways to cut costs and expenditure.
  • REPORTING - Establishing methods to report results to key stakeholders such as boards & committees, senior leadership, operational management and front-line staff.

  • MANAGEMENT - Effective management of marketing team and resources to ensure appropriate systems, policies, processes, performance management, risk mitigation and continuous improvement in a high-performance, values-driven culture
  • STRATEGY - Working closely with the key stakeholders to identify and execute marketing strategy across markets
  • PLANNING - Preparing detailed written plans of action such as budgets, marketing plans, etc;
  • BRAND MANAGEMENT - Positioning, protecting and managing the brand. As well as leading multiple rebranding campaigns
  • DIGITAL MARKETING - Developing ecommerce, social media and content strategies. Overseeing website development and social media channels
  • MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS - Developing and implementing effective integrated marketing communications programs across digital and traditional channels
  • PUBLIC RELATIONS - Growing, guiding, and managing the consumer/stakeholder perception of brands/products/people
  • TRADE MARKETING / EVENTS MARKETING - Planning and executing highly successful commercial events. And increasing demand with supply chain partners, such as distributors, wholesalers and retailers
  • PARTNERSHIP MARKETING - Identifying, establishing and maintaining key brand and trade partnerships and growing joint sales & marketing opportunities