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  All Madhopur'ians are invited to join the group...

Our ultimate objective is to create a strong social network of the students especially from the city so that they can communicate, understand & help each other as per their capabilities.

      Further we'll discuss the problems and hurdles in the development of the city, their solutions and how can & how much we can contribute to solve them  to make our Sawai Madhopur 'the real- TIGER-CITY'...

Currently we are dedicated to help the young students of our city by providing them guidance regarding further studies and career.

So frens, what are u waiting for? Come & join hands with us to recollect the lost glory of our home-town  'Sawai Madhopur' and prove yourself the real 'Ranthambhore - Tigers'. And also invite as much of your friends as you can to strengthen our group so that we could succeed in our motive.

      Frens this group of your own is going to be registered as Non-Political Forum most probably this December. Around 25 persons had registered with us in the very first meeting held on 23rd of October 2006 in Ganesh hotel, Sawai Madhopur. If any of you wants to register with us together with joining this group online, just go to the 'Join Us' page and fill up the registration form.