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Sawai Madhopur is also known as Tiger-city as it have the largest number of Tigers (the Bagh) in the Indian sub-continent within the national sanctuary  situated here...    

Brief History : 

Lying on the main Delhi Mumbai railway track Sawai Madhopur is the gateway to the world renowned Ranthambhore National Park-the famous tigers reserve, just 12 km away from here.

The modern town lies about 180 Km from Jaipur and was originally founded by Amer rulers (the Kachhawahas) had a long standing association with Sawai Madhopur for many centuries. The fort of Ranthambhor (14km) was gifted to them by the Mughals, along with vast tracts of surrounding forest-land. The region around Sawai- Madhopur is thick with remnants of its past history. Walls,Bawaries, wells,mosques and hunting lodges adorn the lush rolling hills of the Vindhyas and the Aravalis. 

Ranthambhore has been a witness to the rise and fall of many rulers and a series of battle scenes.Hammir was 1 of the greatest kings who ruled here. he was a Kachwaha Rajput.

In the 13th century A.D., Govinda, grandson of Prithviraj Chauhan took over the reign of the land. Later his successor Vagbhatta beautified the city and built a noteworthy temple at Jhain.

In the middle of 15th century A.D., Rana Kumbha captured the fort and gifted it to his son. Which is occupied later by the Hada Rajputs of Bundi and Mughal Emperors Akbar and Aurangazeb.

Mughal emperor Shah Alam gifted it to Maharaja Sawai MadhoSingh first of Jaipur in 1754 and since then it was maintained as the hunting preserve of the Maharaja Sawai MadhoSingh queen Elizabeth II and the duke of Edinburgh were part of the royal part of hunting parties who stayed here.

The Ranthambhore National Park and the Ranthambhore Fort lie within easy reach of Sawai Madhopur (which is nearest railhead). The Lord Ganesha idol in the Temple  is the only 'three-eyed' idol of the Lord in the world.

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Climate : Mean Max. Mean Min.
Summer :
37.0° C 23.0° C
Winter :
29.0° C 9.° C
Rainfall : 68 cms.
Best Season :
October- March
Clothing :

Summer : light tropical
Winter : light woolen
Languages : English, Hindi, Rajasthani.