Old Things, New Tricks

Aluminum foil balls thrown in the dryer eliminates static cling. Another use is as a scouring pad, but don't be too rough or it will scratch paint on surfaces.

Plastic mesh bags from apples, potatoes, and oranges can be tied into knots for another quick scouring pad.

Cereal box liners can be used as sandwich wrapping.

Baby hangers made great ribbon organizers. Cut the hanger with pliers, thread ribbon spools on, and tape hanger back together.

If you don't have any drain cleaner boiling water and a plunger can work just as well. Pour a kettle full of water down the drain and plunge for two to five minutes.

Coca-Cola poured down the drain has also been known to break up clogs.

Another trick with Coca-Cola is to use it as a toilet cleaner for hard water stains.

Baking soda and water can make a carpet cleaner. Sprinkle baking soda lightly on spot and spray with warm water. Let sit for ten minutes then wet vacuum.

Quart size Ziplock bags can be used as gloves for a messy task.

Magnets from phone books and businesses make great fridge art with pictures glued to them.

Greeting cards can be used in many creative ways, such as scrapbooking or creating new cards.

Game boards that no longer have pieces can be reused as play mats for messy activities or a hard surface for figures.

Toilet paper rolls are great for keeping hair ties from running astray.

The baby loves to play with these magnets and the ones that are glued on come apart fairly quickly. Does anyone have an idea for a better glue to use?