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R E G U L A R   A C T I V I T I E S

"To know is good, To live is better, To be that is Perfect"    - The Mother

The first day of every month is Prosperity Day. All participate in a half an hour meditation at the Bhavan. 
 Saturday 0515 - 0630 pm: collective meditation, Savitri studies and reading from the Collected Works of the Mother.  
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Sri Aurobindo’s shrine at Sri Aurobindo Bhavan is open from 8 am to 7 pm. All are welcome. It is a place for silent meditation.

Flower of the month

Spiritual significance of Flowers

Mother, when flowers are brought to you, how do you give them a significance?
By entering into contact with the nature of the flower, its inner truth. Then one knows what it represents.

Each flower has its special significance, hasn't it?
Not as we understand it mentally. There is a mental projection when one gives a precise meaning to a flower. It may answer, vibrate to the touch of this projection, accept the meaning, but a flower has no equivalent of the mental consciousness. In the vegetable kingdom there is a beginning of the psychic, but there is no beginning of the mental consciousness. In animals it is different; mental life begins to form and for them things have a meaning. But in flowers it is rather like the movement of a little baby - it is neither a sensation nor a feeling, but something of both; it is a spontaneous movement, a very special vibration. So, if one is in contact with it, if one feels it, one gets an impression which may be translated by a thought. That is how I have given a meaning to flowers and plants - there is a kind of identification with the vibration, a perception of the quality it represents and, little by little, through a kind of approximation (sometimes this comes suddenly, occasionally it takes time), there is a coming together of these vibrations(which are of a vital-emotional order) and the vibration of the mental thought, and if there is a sufficient harmony, one has a direct perception of what the plant may signify……
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Thou hast put into these flowers a magical power: they seem to speak of Thy sole Presence; they bring with them the smile of the Divine. 

The Mother
“True enthusiasm is full of a peaceful endurance”  — The Mother

Botanical Name: Petunia x hybrida
Flowers are of vivid colours and mildly fragrant. It is small seasonal plant. 

"We say: the capacity for enthusiasm, something which throws you out of your miserable and mean little ego; and the generous gratitude, the generosity of the gratitude which also flings itself in thanksgiving out of the little ego. These are the two most powerful levers to enter into contact with the Divine in one’s psychic being. This serves as a link with the psychic being—the surest link." ~The Mother

Psychological Perfection
There is not one psychological perfection but five. They are sincerity, faith, devotion, aspiration and surrender.
(Extract from a talk by the Mother)

Plumeria rubra
Frangipani, Temple tree, Nosegay, West Indian jasmine, Pagoda tree
Medium-sized fragrant five-petalled flowers borne in large terminal clusters on small to medium-sized trees with stiff leathery leaves, thick weak branches and milky sap.
Psychological perfection is the general significance given for all Plumerias and also for two specific flowers
- Predominantly yellow flower with a white edge
- Very fragrant white flower with five rounded petals and a large yellow centre.

Spiritual significance: Sachchidananda | Strong and pure, it stands erect with its creative power

Botanical name: Hedychium
Common name: Ginger lily, Garland lily
Small to medium-sized highly fragrant waxy flower with a long narrow corolla tube and three petal-like lobes, the upper larger and deeply split; in white and shades of orange, red, yellow and pink; borne in dense terminal spikes from a tight cluster of sturdy green bracts.

God is Sachchidananda. He manifests Himself as infinite existence of which the essentiality is consciousness, of which again the essentiality is bliss, is self-delight. ~Sri Aurobindo

That which has thrown itself out into forms is a triune Existence-Consciousness-Bliss, Sachchidananda, whose consciousness is in its nature a creative or rather a self-expressive Force capable of infinite variation in phenomenon and form of its self-conscious being and endlessly enjoying the delight of that variation. It follows that all things that exist are what they are as terms of that existence, terms of that conscious force, terms of that delight of being. ~Sri Aurobindo

Spiritual significance: Mahasaraswati’s Perfection in Works | It is not satisfied with makeshift.

Botanical name: Rondeletia odorata
Small bright orange or deep pink salverform flowers with a limb divided into six rounded lobes and a conspicuous yellow central ring; borne in cymes. A small loosely branched shrub.

Mahasaraswati is the [supreme] Mother's Power of Work and her spirit of perfection and order. . . . Of all the Mother's powers she is the most long-suffering with men and his thousand imperfections. Kind, smiling, close and helpful, not easily turned away or discouraged, insistent even after repeated failure, her hand sustains our every step on condition that we are single in our will and straightforward and sincere; for a double mind she will not tolerate and her revealing irony is merciless to drama and histrionics and self- deceit and pretense. A mother to our wants, a friend in our difficulties, a persistent and tranquil counsellor and mentor, chasing away with her radiant smile the clouds of gloom and fretfulness and depression, reminding always of the ever- present help, pointing to the eternal sunshine, she is firm, quiet and persevering in the deep and continuous urge that drives us towards the integrality of the higher nature. Sri Aurobindo

For [Mahasaraswati] everything must be done down to the last detail, and done in an absolutely perfect way. And she wants, she insists that it should be done physically, totally, materially, that it should not remain in the air, you see, like a mental or vital action, but that it should be a physical realisation in all its details, and all the details should be perfect, that nothing should be neglected. ~The Mother

Mahasaraswati [is] the goddess of divine skill and of the works of the Spirit, and hers is the Yoga that is skill in works, yogah karmasu kaushalam, and the utilities of divine knowledge and the self-application of the spirit to life and the happiness of its harmonies. Sri Aurobindo

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