Sri Aurobindo’s Opposition Why the Indian establishment resisted him, MANGESH V. NADKARNI
The Indian Express Thursday, March 21, 2002 12:17 PM

[The fact that Sri Aurobindo did not receive a favourable reception in India intellectual circles during the last half a century has been very unfortunate but not very surprising, because he was in his views and in his vision so radical and so much ahead of his times, that he effectively alienated four of the strongest intellectual establishments in the country, namely,
the traditional Hindu religious establishment,
the Gandhian establishment,
the politically non-committed but eurocentric university intellectuals who are the products of Macaulay’s educational system, and also
the leftist, communist/socialist establishment. Sri Aurobindo’s Opposition 

Why the Indian establishment resisted him MANGESH V. NADKARNI
The Indian Express Thursday, March 21, 2002 12:17 PM]

Globalization has accentuated confusion in India. While the hindutva bandwagon with its perceived aggressive campaign for militant nationalism has alienated a large chunk of people from any sympathetic appreciation of tradition and religion, the Marxist-Gandhian-Neheruvian nexus has been successful in lending academic respectability to disowning the wisdom of the yore in the name of obscurantism and superstition.

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, in this context, have contributed vastly by piling up a large body of intellectual resource as a bulwark against the facile disinformation that the aforesaid adversaries are spreading energetically. In the preface to his compilation titled, Sri Aurobindo: A Contemporary Reader (Routledge India, 2008), Sachidananda Mohanty, aptly observes:

“In him, binaries and conflicts are harmonised: the West and the East, English and the Indian languages, city and the region, merit and social justice, religion and secularism, pacifism and militancy, conservation and development, nationalism and internationalism et al.”

Savitri Era Party, therefore, has this gigantic task of dragging this neglected repository of knowledge system to the public sphere. A multi-pronged offensive needs to be embarked upon to reach out to the vast millions of our country. [TNM]

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The third front is being ridiculed but the Verdict 2009 hinges upon some or other third force in most of the states. If it is Nano in WB, it's Chiru in Andhra; Raj in Maharashtra and Azam Khan in UP. Congress plays spoilsport in Bihar and BSP in Delhi. The middle ground barring Sonia, RSS, and the Left is still a potential contender for power. Savitri Era Party wishes to fill that vacuum.

Savitri Era Party is different from previous attempts of uniting disparate regional parties in that it believes in religion. The role of religion is fundamental to the social life and in the individual’s journey from cradle to grave. Invoking religious sentiments for ethics and discipline in all collective affairs, therefore, should be seen as a sine qua non of any political motivation. Integrating a modicum of spiritual aim with economic and political gain is a valid programme that is bound to strike a chord with the youth. [TNM]

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