Miditzer216 Robert Morton SF2

Members of the Yahoo VTPO Group spent some time learning about how to sample their Theatre Pipe Organs, and a mostly Robert Morton based Theatre Organ had its ranks recorded as part of this experience. I was given the recordings and have done the noise reduction, tuning, looping, etc., and am now able to release a soundfont for the Miditzer 216 based on some of these recordings. As the Redford Barton Clarinet samples sounded better than the Morton samples I have chosen to include them in this soundfont release, as well as the Barton Chrysoglott samples.

The soundfont contains individual mono samples for each note, both normal and recorded tremulant (sampled trems). All of the ranks also contain release portions.

This soundfont is released for free under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license. Please see the section below for the test of the license agreement.

Download the soundfont using the link below (it is a 201Meg download). The file is a self-executing sfark file, which results in a soundfont of 592Megs in size that is fully compatible with the Miditzer soundfont.

By clicking on the download link you agree to the terms and conditions of the license agreement:

  1. Download the MiditzerMortonv1.01.sfArk.exe file and double-click on it to run the decompression of the soundfont.
  2. Copy the resulting MiditzerMortonv1.01.sf2 soundfont file into your Miditzer folder (usually in c:\Program Files\Miditzer Style 216 on 32-bit Windows systems and c:\Program Files (x86)\Miditzer Style 216 on 64-bit Windows systems)
  3. Start Miditzer 216, and click on the top left 'M' icon to load the Miditzer menu
  4. Click on the Miditzer Settings option
  5. Click on the Fluidsynth Settings tab
  6. Change the Samplerate to 48000
  7. Change the Polyphony to around 1024
  8. In the Loaded Soundfonts area select the Miditzer soundfont and click on Unload
  9. Now click on the Load button
  10. Select the MiditzerMortonv1.sf2 soundfont and enter '25' as the Bank offset value
    Soundfont Settings
  11. Click on Open to load the soundfont
  12. Click on OK to close the Miditzer Settings dialog
  13. Finally, exit Miditzer and restart it to make sure that all the Fluidsynth settings and the loading of the new Soundfont have completed successfully
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The following ranks were recorded by members of the VTPO Yahoo group who wish to remain anonymous:
Concert Flute (Robert Morton)
Diaphonic Diapason (Robert Morton)
Glockenspiel (Robert Morton)
Post Horn (Wurlitzer?)
Orchestral Oboe (Robert Morton)
Tibia (Robert Morton)
Tuba (Robert Morton)
Violin (Robert Morton)
Violin Celeste (Robert Morton)
Vox Humana (Robert Morton)
Wooden Harp (Wurlitzer?)
Xylophone (Robert Morton)
The following ranks were recorded by and are the property of Lynn Walls:
Chrysoglott (Barton)
Clarinet (Barton)

All the noise reduction, tuning, looping, and creation of release portions was performed by Graham Goode
The soundfont was created by Graham Goode

Thanks also goes to the Alpha testers group.