Freedom Morton 3/10 for Hauptwerk

Members of the Yahoo VTPO Group spent some time learning about how to sample their Theatre Pipe Organs, and a mostly Robert Morton based theatre organ had its ranks recorded as part of this experience. I was given those recordings and have done the noise reduction, tuning, looping, etc., and I am now able to release a 3/10 medium sized theatre organ sample set based on most of the ranks from these recordings.

The samples are in 16-bit 48khz Mono (panned to Stereo positions in the sample set), and the set uses recorded tremulant samples.

This samples were recorded just outside the swell shades, so the organ is semi-dry and will benefit from added reverb. For those who like the small organ studio feel, the samples are probably just right as they are.

Normal View:
Freedom Morton 3/10 Normal
(Click on the image to see the full sized image)

Wide Screen (Alternate) View:
Freedom Morton 3/10 Wide Screen
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See the Robert Morton 3/10 Specification page for full Stop List of the sample set.

Demo Tracks:

She's the Sweetheart of Six Other Guys Arranged by and performed live by Les Deutsch

Laura Arranged and performed live by Misha Stefanuk

Whiter Shade of Pale MIDI performance, recorded by Graham Goode

My Romance Arranged by and performed live by Les Deutsch

Lady Be Good Arranged by and performed live by Misha Stefanuk

Avalon Town Arranged by and performed live by Les Deutsch

Minute Waltz Arranged by and performed live by Misha Stefanuk

Donation and Order Forms:
This project, although free for personal and non-commercial use, will be donationware based and released by Melotone Sound Productions. Your donations to the project will help us to continue to develop new sample sets and improve the equipment and techniques used in their creation.

Please go to the PayPal Donations page if you want to make a donation.

Then go to the Orders Sample Set Ordering Page page to fill in your information, and we will send you the link to download the sample set.

Please note that this sample set is available in a Hauptwerk v3 installer as well as in a Hauptwerk v4 installer, so choose the one that fits your installation of Hauptwerk.

The sample set download is 370Megs, which decompresses to just under 660 Megs onto the Hard-drive. With this sample set fully loaded, the Hauptwerk executable will be using approximately 1.15 Gigs of RAM, so this sample set will load in Hauptwerk Free Edition with medium RAM resources. Hauptwerk Basic Edition is the recommended HW Edition as you will then be able to use 1000 notes of polyphony rather than the 256 polyphony limitation that comes with the Free Edition.

2nd Touch
There are a number of ways to use the 2nd Touch manuals.

The first is with a true 2nd Touch console that has a separate set of MIDI contacts for the 2T action. This is then configured in the advanced organ settings from the HW menu system.

The second is to use a Velocity sensitive MIDI keyboard and use the HW Auto MIDI configuration to sense that velocity, which should automatically set that manual to send messages above 'velocity nnn' to the 2nd touch (the value of the velocity amount can be manually configured). Then when you play on that keyboard, and hit the notes firmly, the 2nd Touch Stops will play.

And then finally, if you don't have a true 2nd Touch console, and you don't have velocity on your MIDI keyboard, there are the Melody Couplers (MEL) which will couple the 2nd Touch Stops onto their associated manual playing only the top most note (Melody).

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The following ranks were recorded by members of the VTPO Yahoo group who wish to remain anonymous:
Concert Flute
Diaphonic Diapason
English Horn
Orchestral Oboe
Viole Celeste
Vox Humana

The following percussions and traps were recorded by and are the property of Joe Hardy
Xylophone, Auto Horn, Steam Boat, Chinese Gong, Bass Drum, Kettle Drum, Tom Tom.
The following percussions and traps were recorded by and are the property of Lynn Walls
Bell, Siren, Bird Song, Fire Gong, Snare Drum

All the noise reduction, tuning, looping, and creation of release portions was performed by Graham Goode

The Hauptwerk CODM and ODF were created by Melotone Sound Productions.

The graphics are image modifications taken from the jOrgan skin that was created by Graham Wykes and is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Australia license.