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Nanjing, China is now on Showing~♪ 

Let's begin to make a pilgrimage to all the cities around whole world! Now, the FIRST Station:Nanjing, China!

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Tips of Nanjing(Constantly updating):

  • City's Flower: The Plum Blossom, Since 1982.
  • The international Plum Blossom Festival of Nanjing is held in Meihua Hill every year, Since 1996.


Scenic Area Guide of Nanjing:

  • Confucius Temple & Qinhuai Scene
  • Xuanwu Lake
  • Zhanyuan Park
  • Stone City & Qingliang Hill
  • Mochou Lake
  • Nanjing Museum
  • Zhongshan Mausoleum
  • Presidential Palace
  • The World Heritage-listed Xiaoling Tomb of Ming Dynasty
  • Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall


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A link to the photos I have promised. Enjoy it~ ♪ 03/29

I'm sorry for that I have no time to maintain this site during this period, but I will be back as soon as when I get leisure. I will upload some photos that I take at "The international Plum Blossom Festival of Nanjing, 2006" last Sunday(03/19) to offer an apology. Thanks very much for your attention to my site.  03/26 ♪

What's my aim? I hope you can join to build the cities online together, I think we're all glad to show the others "What a wonderful land I live in now or I have ever set foot on". Don't you think so? I welcome everything around this topic, and the official like tour guide is not requested. The daily life of the city and local culture like dialect, street culture are both ok, also can be your personal experience in the city. Your true feelings touch the true soul of the city. We may never have chance to visit some places by ourselves in our lifelong. Even so, we also can understand each other's life, city and culture by this way, so cool~ Hurry to take action now! You can send me a email about all of these. NEXT Station, we go to your cities.

What's going on?                                                                    Although the Google Page Creator is too simple to make more advanced  experience on browsing now, I will try to do better in another way. 03/05

Present tense of the city: The international Plum Blossom Festival of Nanjing, 2006 now is held in Meihua(plum blossom) Hill from Feb.24 to Mar.20.    03/03 ♪

The pages about Nanjing for you now are under construction. Maybe you can't wait for a look, the following link will help you. To constructing pages   02/17 ♪

Today I post an image of famous "Zhongshan Mausoleum,Nanjing" for preview~Hope you can enjoy it.♪  02/27

I have just see the "Goolge page creator" today, so my page now has nothing except these text. But I think I will make it colorful,beautiful, vivid, visual and touchable soon~Just like its subject: I will very glad to explore Nanjing with you, where I was bron and grew up. She is a really beautiful girl that has a long long story~I would like to share this beautiful and story with you. Be waiting for you,coming soon...^_^♪    02/26/2006