Saving Electricity with you Geyser

Electric Geysers

1. Timing
2. Insulation
3. Turning off hotwater taps far away
4. Adjusting the tempreture
5. Consumption

Solar Heating Options


Electric Geysers

Here are couple of options on saving electricity with your current electric geyser:
Using your geyser only when you need it can save an incredible amount of electricity. This is because if you geyser is on all the time, at 2 in the morning or 2 in the afternoon, it's keeping the water hot when you dont really need it. Especially in winter, when your geyser has
A friend of mine, saved on third of his electricity bill by turning it off when he did not need it!
!!!! THIS IS THE THE NO. 1 TIP TO SAVING ELECTRICITY OUT THERE !!! If there anything you do, this is it. It does not cost anything and can save you from day one!
Times I recommend are the following:
1. THE EASY ONE - Once off and on per day
On at 16h00 and off the following day at 07h00
2. THE HARDER ONE - twice on and off per day - greater savings
        On at 04h30 and off at 06h00 before the morning shower
        On at 16h00 and off at 17h30 before the kids bath
Here the geyser needs a good hour to heat up when cold, and needs to be shut off before the hotwater is used as it will switch on while you are bathing or showering, which essentially is a waste.
For Convienience a geyser timer is great. I recommend measure the saving first for a month or two, test which times work for you best, then invest in timer.
There are many automatic timers on the market - some 2 - 3 thousand rand with fancy displays and all the rest. The one that works just as well, as long as you know what times work for you is the plain and simple one on your DB Board. Choose the one with a batteryt back up of 12 hours, so it keeps your setting in power failures or outages.
These cost between R350  and R600 and depend on the the size and shape of

Pictures of Thermostats and Timers for Geysers

           Typical Hot Water Geyser              

Thermostat for Geyser - temperature Setting

 Automatic Geyser Switch with Battery Reserve     DB Geyser Timer Switch