Save Wickham Park Petition

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Though we encourage your presence at the next meeting we cannot underestimate the power of a petition.

Online Petition

Fill out our petition here.
Please only one entry per person but be sure to have every adult in your household submit one.

 Printable Petition 

Want to help and spread the word in person? Feel free to use a printable version. We only ask that you be sure to include the description page every time you present your petition. When you are done you can present your signatures at the meeting in person or leave a note here using the 'comments' option on this web site. Check back for printable support documents you might want on hand when petitioning. We think an old fashion petition has that stronger visual impact. It says a lot.
Please be careful when petitioning. Though it is a protected right, there are still rules to be observed, caution to be taken, and we want this effort to have a positive image. Be safe.

Other Efforts

It should be noted that this is not an isolated cause. Though I prefer to not have repeated entries across several petitions, we do want to share other sites also supporting petitions. In the least it shows how much attention each is getting, how much the word is getting out, and how much people care. We found these randomly in a Google search, please let me know if you find others. By the numbers they certainly have more "signatures," good job! Please take the time to read the postings.

 Thank you for your efforts.

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