Lawsonsteads site and RVBC compliance officers

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1. SWV have discovered that Ribble Valley do not have a Compliance Officer who would oversee how developments are being managed. This means that the house builders can deliver a development unchecked.

2. If you have a concern about the Lawsonstead site (dust, mud, noise, traffic lights, compliance, etc.) nothing will happen unless you make an actual complaint to the Borough Council.
This can be done by letter, phone or e-mail. A resident on Clitheroe Rd. complained about the dust and debris. The Council instructed the builders to sort it.
The builders now have a road sweeper at work and dust reduction machines in dry weather.

Minutes of Save Whalley Village AGM 2014

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Please click the link below to view a copy of the Save Whalley Village AGM minutes. This meeting too
place on MOnday 23rd June 2014

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SWVAG Charimans Report for 2012-2013

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Please click on the following link to see a copy of our 2012/2013 Chairmans report

Click Here for Chairmans Report

SWVAG Annual General Meeting 23rd June 2014

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The Save Whalley Village Action Group gives notice of its AGM to be
held in the Whalley Methodist's Church, King St., Whalley on Monday
23rd June 2014 at 7.30 p.m.
This is an open meeting but only registered members can vote on any resolution.
Nominations for committee membersip should reach us by Friday 20th June 2014.

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Want to join our campaign?  To become a member email us your name,
address and phone or get a membership form from:
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Redrow Begin Destruction of Lawsonsteads Site

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Whalley In The Top 100 Places To Live

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The Save Whalley Village Action Group is delighted that Whalley has
been recognised as being one of the best places to live in Britain.
Members of our group joined because they would agree and their aim was
to keep the village as one of the best places to live. Sadly, due to
Government policies, their wish has not been realised. The very
elements which make Whalley so attractive, its green fields, its
setting sweeping up Whalley Nab and up to Spring Wood, its historic
buildings, its community, will be lost as developers build housing
estates all around it. The vistas enjoyed by so many will be concreted
over and hundreds of houses will be all there is to look at. The
influx of people which will follow will exacerbate the problems we
already have with traffic congestion, lack of school places, flooding
and so forth.
 In twenty years Whalley will not be in the top 100 places in which
people want to live, it may be in the top 100 places where they will
not want to live.

Nick Walker
(Chairman SWV)

Core Strategy Public Examination - Follow Up

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Dear All,

It has been a while since our last update, but now is a good opportunity to tell you of some recent developments.  Firstly, and most significantly for Whalley, a government appointed Planning Inspector has over the past two weeks held a public examination into the Borough’s “Core Strategy” document.  As you will probably know, this sets out in broad terms the number of houses to be built and their distribution across the Ribble Valley.

We attended for three of the days, and were given the opportunity to put our case to the Inspector.  Our arguments were that (a) the housing target for the borough was too high; (b) that Whalley was unfairly designated as one of the three main centres for growth; and (c) there is no plan for providing the required infrastructure should the new houses be built.  Ranged against us were an army of developers, all keen to argue that Ribble Valley needed even more houses, and all brazenly promoting individual sites they had an interest in.  We got a fair hearing and managed to convey to the Inspector the frustration of residents.

We must now await the Inspector’s report, which will identify any changes required before the Core Strategy can (at long last) be adopted.  We hope that our participation will forestall any attempt to inflict even more houses on us, but we will see.

Although we have learned to expect little in the way of good news from Inspectors, perhaps things are changing.  As has been reported in the Advertiser, the proposed development at Waddow View in Clitheroe has just been turned down on Appeal.  This was the application that Ribble Valley withdrew from fighting as they had been advised they had ‘no chance’ of winning.  Instead local residents fought it themselves and won – on highways grounds.

We must also inform you that part of the CEG site in Whalley is likely to be developed fairly soon.  This site was approved early last year for the construction of up to 260 houses.  Redrow have applied to build 54 houses on the portion of the site adjacent to Clitheroe Rd.  We have also heard that similar discussions about the Co-op site behind Riddings Lane are taking place.  Unfortunately we cannot now object to the principle of development on these sites, only to their design and layout, as ‘outline’ permission has already been granted.  You can find more information on the Redrow application at

In Barrow the application for 190 homes has been objected to by Network Rail citing safety concerns.  While they appeared utterly incompetent at the recent public hearing into the application, they are sticking to their guns and maintaining their objection.  Both this application and the larger 500 house application on the same site will be decided by the Secretary of State, Eric Pickles.  We can only hope that as a politician he will be more likely than the bureaucrats to listen to the vehement opposition from the public and from local councillors.


Best Regards,

The Save Whalley Village Committee

RVBC Core Strategy (Local Plan) to undergo examination by the Planning Inspectorate

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At last the Core Strategy (Local Plan) is about to undergo its examination by the Planning Inspectorate.
SWV will be representing members on selected days and has sent its objections initially in the form of a written submission to the Inspector. This has been prepared by Mike Harper (Vice Chairman SWV). It identifies 4 key areas in which we consider the Core Strategy to be unsound:

1) Housing Totals 
 2)Strategic Priorities - the effect on local boroughs adjoining the Ribble Valley (Pendle, Burnley, etc.)
 3) Development Strategy - Whalley being considered a Service Centre 
 4) Infrastructure - the fact that there is no plan to speak of.

Click HERE to view the full SWVAG submission document

SWV is hoping to expand on these issues during designated sessions.
The attached list of sessions lists endless wolves representing developers and landowners all clamouring to grab a piece of the valley for themselves. None of these will be interested in the hopes, needs or wishes of local residents.

Click HERE to view the sessions document

The Inspector chosen to conduct the examination is Simon Berkeley. All those inspectors who have dealt with larger scale developments over the last few years have ignored local wishes (including those of the Borough Council) and sided with the developers. Lets hope that Mr. Berkeley is concerned more for the Valley than the profits of developers and landowners.

Barrowlands Hearing – 190 Houses Land South of Barrow

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The Public Hearing took place this week re the Planning Application for 190 houses by Barrow Lands Co Ltd on Land South of
Barrow.  The decision for both this and the 500 house development which went to appeal earlier in the year will be decided by
Eric Pickles, Secretary of State in January or February 2014.
"Janet Higgins (Membership Secretary) represented SWV at the hearing as we were concerned about the effect this development
would have on Whalley village although Lancashire County Council Highways did not object on highways grounds.
None of the other Statutory Bodies such as Natural England, United Utilities objected to the development and although Network
Rail initially objected due to safety risk of the two foot path crossings over the railway line, they rescinded their decision on the second
day.  As Ribble Valley Borough Council have now admitted they do not have a 5 year housing land supply, but only 4.34 years and as
this seems to over-ride any other issue,  it is doubtful that the development will be refused but we live in hope!

Save Whalley Village now on Twitter

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You can now follow us on Twitter here:-

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