Annual General Meeting - Tuesday 30th June 2015

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Save Whalley Village Action Group would like to notify its members of the AGM to be held in Whalley Village Hall on
Tuesday 30th June 2015 at 19.30 pm.  Members are welcome to attend.   Please see below links to the relevant
documents relating to the AGM.

For 2015 AGM agenda please click here

For 2015 AGM Chairmans report please click here

Main Parties Election Manifestos

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We have listed below all of the main parties manifestos with regard to planning.  Sorry for the strange formatting this
was due to a document conversion issue.  Click the links below for further info.

Tory manifesto 2010

Tory manifesto 2015

Labour manifesto 2015

Libdem manifesto 2015

UKIP manifesto 2015

Green Party manifesto 2015

Japanese Knotweed - David Wilson Homes Mitton Road Whalley

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Japanese Knotweed has been found on the David Wilson Homes site on Mitton Road in Whalley
Details of the location of these home eating plants can be found in the following document..

DW Homes Knotweed locations Click Here

We have also included two further documents.  The first is a general info document about this pest and the
second is an article fron The Times newspaper.

Knotweed general info click here

Times newspaper article click here

Redrow Sales Marketing - At Least Get The Facts Right!!

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One of the village residents sent us this excerpt from Redrows marketing info with his comments in red...

“Located on the River Ribble (it’s the River Calder.  The Ribble is 2¼ miles away by the shortest route), Whalley is an absolutely charming village (yes, it but won’t be a village by the time you’ve finished ‘developing’ it) surrounded by picturesque Lancashire countryside. From Calder’s waterfall (it’s not a waterfall, it’s been known as Whalley Weir for centuries) to Whalley Nab (a beautiful wooded hill overlooking the town) this is certainly a town (what? It’s a town already? And you’ve barely even started) steeped in beauty and history. Our Lawson Rise development is situated in this charming town (so it’s definitely a town, is it?), and offers exquisite 4 and 5 bedroom homes. And our homes are designed to harmonise with the beauty of the village, by creating properties with traditional architecture, yet all of the comforts of modern living within.   Whilst located in the heart of the Lancashire countryside, this large village (it’s shrunk again) also has great links to neighbouring cities of Blackburn, Preston and Burnley. In terms of amenities, residents can enjoy a host of independent shops, quality schools and quaint pubs. Ideal for both families and professionals (which are of course mutually exclusive), our Lawson Rise development is the epitome of getting the best of both worlds; country living with fantastic links to bustling metropolises.” (not metropoli, then?) 

Whalley The Truth - Lawson Rise - What They Do Not Tell You

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1. This is phase one of a much larger development on this site of 260 houses.

2. The entrance road is phase one of a relief road for the village to the A671 via a traffic lighted junction on the A671. This was sold to the village to help to solve traffic congestion in King St.
which brings chaos to Whalley on a regular basis. This road, when completed, will draw traffic through the Lawsonstead Rise Estate from Mitton Rd. and the 700+ houses which are to be
built in Barrow. click here for further information   

Capita Symonds were commissioned to create a traffic report on behalf of the group to highlight future traffic issues taking into consideration the number of houses to be built
click here for a copy of the traffic report

3. School places are scarce in Whalley. Secondary schools in the Valley are already full to bursting. The Local Education Authority has a duty to find children a school place but no duty to find one in their village or town of residence. Surplus places in adjoining boroughs will be filled with pupils from the Valley. click here for further information

4. Ground conditions  on this site were of sufficient concern as to require piling for houses built by Clitheroe Rd.

5. The Redrow website lists Whalley as a town – it is a village and residents want to keep it that way. The website also lists Whalley as being in an AONB – it is not but has lost a beautiful open landscape on a greenfield site to Redrow’s development.

6.  The Ribble Valley will see a massive increase in house-building in the next few years and Whalley will see a much higher proportion of these than other similarly sized villages.
click here for further information

Why have we become disillusioned with our Government over planning?

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We have come to realise that the Government is encouraging developers to build wherever possible, legislating to help them and to overcome local views
and oppostion.  Want to find out more Click Here

AFFORDABLE HOUSING: What’s happened to the promises?

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Remember how the Government told us we needed affordable housing and the desperate need in the Ribble Valley
learn the truth Click Here

Diary Date - Election Forum Monday 27th April, Whalley Methodists' Church, 7.30 - 9.30 pm.

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On Monday 27th April "Save Whalley Village" is organising an Election Forum, and you are invited to attend. 
Five of the candidates standing for MP in the Ribble Valley will participate (see list below).  The forum will have a similar format to the BBC's "Question Time" program, where the panellists answer questions from members of the audience and will be chaired by SWV committee members.   The Forum will include both local and national issues not just planning and house-building.  However we will make sure questions on those topics are well represented on the night
For those interested, it would be helpful if you can let us know what your question is and whether you will be attending by emailing . There won't be time on the night for every question, but we hope all the key issues will get aired.  The event will be open to the public and admittance will be on a first come first served basis.
Many thanks for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you on the night.
The Save Whalley Village committee

The list of candidates who have agreed to appear are:-

Nigel Evans MP    (Conservative)
David Hinder         (Labour)
Graham Sowter    (Green)
Jackie Pearcey     (Lib Dem)
Shirley Parkinson  (UKIP)

Update on RVBC Compliance Officer & Lawsonsteads site

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1. SWV voiced their concerns that Ribble Valley Council did not have a Compliance Officer whose role is to oversee the management of developments it has now
come to our notice that the post has now been filled by Mr Steve Barker who should be contacted via RVBC with complaints about developments in the Valley.

2. If you have a concern about the Lawsonstead site (dust, mud, noise, traffic lights, compliance, etc.) nothing will happen unless you make an actual complaint to Mr
Barker which can be done by letter, phone or e-mail.    A resident on Clitheroe Rd. complained about the dust and debris. The Council instructed the builders to sort it.
The builders now have a road sweeper at work and dust reduction machines in dry weather.

Minutes of Save Whalley Village AGM 2014

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Please click the link below to view a copy of the Save Whalley Village AGM minutes. This meeting too
place on MOnday 23rd June 2014

Please Click Here

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