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Won't the planning system stop them?

No.   The Borough Council planners already refer to Whalley as a town, and because of this they seem to think it is suitable for more development.  Much more: one of the proposed options will see an additional 450 houses within the village in the near future.  They put us into the same category as towns such as Longridge, Clitheroe and Gt. Harwood.

Neither do they worry about infrastructure or amenities.  They are happy to accept the assurances of developers or the County Council that these things will be taken care of.  Recent history suggests otherwise.  Never mind the village centre is choked with traffic - if a Traffic Survey says all will be well, the Council will enquire no further.  And it matters little to the Borough Council if the school is overflowing – let the County Council's worry about that.  We believe it is an abdication of responsibility.

In fact the planning system at the moment seems to be in chaos.   Developers understand only too well that this makes their job much easier - and the Borough Council seems unwilling or unable to stop them.  Look at how many applications for large developments have recently been submitted or approved in and around Whalley.  The new 'Core Strategy' plan is only in draft form, but is being used right now by developers to support their arguments.  The Council has naively identified certain sites as suitable for development, and unsurprisingly planning applications has been forthcoming on one them, and is expected imminently on the other.

People have lost confidence in the planning process and, unless this issue starts to be taken more seriously, they will lose confidence in their elected representatives too.  What the Village desperately needs is for applications to be suspended while the mess is sorted out and we decide what the future of Whalley and the Ribble Valley will be.