We need your help.   We need to raise a substantial sum to fight applications using professional advice.  Even so we will only be spending a tiny fraction of what the developers have spent, but it will help our case enormously.  If everyone in Whalley could spare us a donation of just £5, we'd reach our initial target of £20,000. 
So please donate money now before it is too late and Whalley is swamped with new houses.  Many thanks.
How to donate?

1. Contact us at .

2. By debit card, credit card or PayPal account.  Click on the link below:

Why do we need money, and how do I know it will be spent wisely?
We'd rather it didn't work this way, but too often developers get applications passed for want of proper scrutiny. 
Normally councillors vote in line with the recommendation of their planning department, who are swayed only by expert testimony and hard evidence.  For large applications the Borough Council simply don’t have the resources or expertise to investigate all aspects of the proposal.  They rely on the developer – whose reports unsurprisingly present their case in the best possible light – to provide the evidence, or on similarly overworked public servants at County Hall.  We intend to make sure they get a more balanced view.
For the Co-op we managed to persuade councillors to reject the plans despite the planning department's recommendation for approval.  We can't rely on this happening again for Lawsonsteads, and certainly the it won't work if the Co-op appeal their refusal.
We need to commission reports and surveys, and to take professional planning advice.  We have met with various consultants and experts – so far at no cost – and from what they have told us we estimate we may need up to £20,000 to give ourselves the best chance of defeating CEG or a possible Co-op appeal and thereby preserving the village and its community for the future.
We have already defeated the Co-op on a tiny budget, thanks to so many people giving generously of their time, so we know how to make a little go a long way.  We have a ratified constitution so there is complete transparency and accountability on how the group is run and how decisions are made.  The group’s bank account is at the Whalley branch of Barclays.  All our committee members are local residents.