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New 2/6/11 - Justice done, says Andover TUC as Twinings loses £10 million grant

“There is no doubt that Twinings would have got away with this had we not campaigned so long
and hard to expose it, and I hope that it will now be far harder for employers to dump UK workers and
abuse EU funding in this way." - Andover TUC 

21/11/2010 - ITV Meridian Report

9/11/2010 - BBC World Service: Report on controversial EU funding for new Twinings factory in Poland

New Facebook page launched campaigning for Twinings to stop using the Royal Warrant on its packaging.

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7/9/2010 - LBC Radio: USDAW's Jayne Shotton talks to Nick Ferrari. Listen below...

- BBC Radio Newcastle picks up on our story.  Listen below..

6/9/2010 - Consumer backlash breaks out on our Facebook Page.  Please join it.

6/9/2010 - UK Press picks up on our story: Daily Telegraph    Daily Mail   Daily Express   Daily Star  Daily Mirror  Newcastle Evening Chronicle


On  November 2, 2009 Twinings announced the planned closure of its
North Shields plant with the loss of 263 jobs and cuts at its Andover facility with 129 proposed job losses. Despite the company remaining hugely profitable, making in excess of £60 million, they have decided to move the majority of production to Poland and China: a move that will enable Twinings and its parent company Associated British Foods (ABF) to exploit cheap labour abroad at the expense of a loyal and award-winning workforce in the UK.

The workers' union has said the North Shields factory is very productive and has accused the company management of putting profit before job security. Jane Shotton of union Usdaw said: "It is extremely disappointing that a company which proudly calls itself Twinings of London is now moving work to Poland". 

Mike Parsonage, USDAW's regional organiser in Andover dismissed the firm's justifications for the move and claimed the company was profitable. "We believe the company made a profit of between £65-£70 million last year," he said. 

How you can help
1. Write to your MP and ask them to sign the Early Day Motion 200 (EDM 200 Twinings). Ask that your friends write to their MP too. You can find your MP by visiting www.writetothem.com

2. Email Stephen Twining at the Andover plant to complain or write to him at: Twinings, South Way, Andover, SP10 5AQ Tel: 01264 334 477

3. Offer your words of support to the workers at Twinings by emailing support@savetwiningsjobs.co.uk

4. Sign the e-petition by visiting this link   5. Join the workers' Facebook page