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Bruce Lee, My Brother is an actiondramatic biopic of the eponymous martial arts legend as told by his younger brother, Robert Lee. It revolves around Bruce Lees life as a rebellious adolescent in Hong Kong before he sets off for the USA and conquers the world at the age of 18 with only US$100 in his pocket. As a young man, Bruce was a rebel who was always engaging in street fights with his buddies, Kong and Unicorn, a fellow child actor who would later appear in Fist of Fury and Way of the Dragon. Invincible as he is as a street fighter, Bruces romantic escapades are not as smooth and successful. He is head over heels in love with Mandy only to realize his mate Kong shares the same passion. Against his fathers wishes, Bruce studies the Wing Chun martial arts style instead of Taichi and tastes his first public triumph at a tournament with his kungfu skills. On the eve of his triumph, he learns that Kong has become a drug addict and rumbles the drug lords den together with Unicorn, rendering him the target of both the triads and corrupted cops who want him in jail. To save his life, Lees father has no choice but to send him off to San Francisco to pursue his studies. And the rest is history

Year : 2010

Genres : Drama Biography

Rating [imdb] : 6.70

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Actors : Aarif Lee=Bruce Lee Tony Leung Ka Fai=Lee Hoi-chuen Jin Auyeung=Unicorn Chan Christy Chung=Grace Lee Michelle Ye=Auntie Eight Jennifer Tse=Cho Manyee Kristy Yang=Mui Yee Kar Lok Chin=Shek Kin Alex Man=Ng Cho-fan Siu-Fai Cheung=Cho Tat-wah Jia Song=Yu So-chow Tat-Ming Cheung=Feng Feng Mi Gong=Man Lan Lawrence Cheng=Gao Luquan Heung Kam Lee=Bruce's grandma Wilfred Lau=Ngai Kwan-chi Johnson Yuen=Leung Sing-bo Manfred Wong= Wai Man Yip=

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Directors : Manfred Wong Wai Man Yip

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