Woojin Lim / Fraser Heights Secondary, Surrey, British Columbia

English Teacher: Josh Filiatrault

Nature & Harmony

attune your ears to the seldom-heard lullaby

of mellowing earth who hangs gourdlike

upon the magnificent flood of space; she sings

as she spins, the earth is a musical

the mole cricket stridulates underground to

serenade his mate from the bleak lonely sky

I hear the weedy warbling of the toad and

the wistful whistling of lovestruck turtle

hearken to the whisper of the courting fruit

fly, the teeth-clicking conversations of fish

their oboeing of tabernacle air, their drumming

with special muscles upon purified air bladders.

thumping, the wings of grouse and jordan chicks,

even amorous earthworms bleep faintly in their

coded cadences; the bats rest upside down and

screech harrowing tones filled with tension.

all belongs to something far greater than

oneself, and the tune of the whole symphony

can be heard all at once, the pastiche of beauty

and all sorts of subtle sonorities in the back.

songs change from day to day, partly in

imitation, birds take off and migrate towards

the south, whatever place is woven right into

their music, reminiscent of beethoven, rondo.