Caden Jordt / Glacier High School, Kalispell, MT

I was born and raised in Montana. Living here, you learn to love nature and everything that the world has to offer. Often times, I find myself "lost" in a pleasant way. I no longer care that I do not know my exact location, as I am simply existing on this planet. When I write "I love you," I am saying it to each and every creation on this world whether it is living or not. I am speaking to the mountains, trees, rivers, animals, and all of the lovely people. However, I am not speaking to any one thing in particular.

English Teacher: Ms. Cram

Natural Love

Leaves drift from their perches in branches
while I wander as a guest in the home of the animals.
I am not lost, but I am not found, I am only here.
Here and here alone, on a patient vacation away from human construct.
I tread lightly yet confident, lost in a trance,
bewitched by the beauty of nature and its creations,
I let the words,
“I love you”
fall from my mouth,
speaking to all,
but not to one.