YunJin Jeong / Emma Willard School , Troy, NY

English Teachers: Mr. Jonathan Mossop


Lost it. Didn’t know what was lost
And where it was lost
So two hands stumble inside my pockets
As I walk along the road

Stones run infinitely
The road goes along the endless stonewall
Wall closed its iron gate firmly
Long shadow is casted on the road

As I grope the stonewall, tears shed
As I look up the sky, the sky is shamefully blue
Walking on this road that does not even have one clump of grass,
I live simply to find what’s lost and gone from the world

Recognized once gone:
Strings of Dewdrops falling from leaves
Birds painting the evergreen sky
Buzzing and chirping that flow through the wind
Stonewalls silhouetted by beam of sunlight
Tall pine trees that shelter the dandelions
All lost from the road.