Mary Gorman / Seton Home Study School, Larimore, ND

English Teacher:  Mr. Andrew Boysen

Winter Reverie

Dream upon winter.

Do you hear the matinal wren? He chimes the powder of snow
Off weighted pines. Ebullience sounds from the bells
Of the becoming dream above sheets of ivory.
Ethereal hooves trod upon crystalized flakes wrapping
Their grasp around the warmth of the stag.

Do you hear the silence of frost? Lithe and tranquil, it creeps
Over the peppered birch. Winterberries drip like rubies
While some lay in the endless puff of pallid white.
The sky connects the earth with a stream of snow.

Do you hear the ineffable storm? She covered the stars
Before they dazzled the dark. Billowing flakes like sugar
Surround the swaying limbs longing for a lull.
An ephemeral pause before the tempest resumes.

And in spring you awake.