Isaac Haahr / El Dorado High School, El Dorado, KS

English Teacher: Heather Fangmann

I Sit on a Hill

I sit on a hill with the world.
The sun resides overhead casting a powerful light over everything.
There is a soft breeze that takes the sun’s bite away from my skin. 
There is not a cloud in sight so, there is only vast unending blue above me.
The incomprehensible vastness of the sky is only broken by the overwhelming sunlight.
I am not alone on this hill. 
Upon this hill live thousands of insets.
Each insect living a complete life full of strife and accomplishments. 
On this hill there are thousands of insects, hundreds of spiders, and dozens of other small creatures. 
Each living creature is part of several food chain.
Each food chain connects into the food web.
The end result is a balance more intricate and delectate than a spider web,
But more resilient than a fortress. 
I sit on a hill with nature.
I am in awe of its tremendous power and potential.
I sit on a hill 
And it is glorious.