Annie Barron / Lawrence Academy, Groton MA

English Teachers: Mark Haman and Laura Moore



Mountain valleys deepen

like wrinkles in Earth’s skin –

what does it mean to grow old?


The ocean wind whispers secrets

in a tongue I do not understand.

Is this what it means to wonder?


No matter what, my mind is

hungry and thinking about the endless

soar of the vulture searching

for death, or the dragonfly sewing promise

into the clouds reflected on a pond’s surface.


Larch trees carry stiff needles –

standing hairs on cold arms gradually growing

warmer from the sun that rises.


Never will I sit above or below

the idea of God. As the sun climbs

higher, my wonder grows.

Good morning.


A butterfly lands on the tip

of my finger and at once

I am afraid to breathe.

How vibrant the colors could appear

on something that may be

so easily broken.


I used to meditate on the idea of not having

to know anything at all.

There is a scoop of light just above my hand,

it resembles the world.


Ocean is a continuation of sky –

this color connected to that color.

The waves break.