Save the Earth Poetry Contest

We are delighted to announce the winners of our 2018 'Save the Earth' Contest.  We received over 800 poems from high school poets around the world. 

Please click on the names to the left to read the winning poems.  Some of the poets have added information such as the occasion for the poem or causes the poet cares about.  If you like a poem or wish to comment, please email us at:  We will forward your comments or questions to the poet.

The 'Save the Earth' Poetry Prize complements John Felstiner’s book Can Poetry Save the Earth?  A Field Guide to Nature Poems and is offered annually by the Felstiner family in memory of John Felstiner, Professor, Stanford University and by Charles Weeden, author of Poems of Yosemite and No There There.

Our 2018 contest has closed and we will announce our 2019 contest in early 2019.  

Here is what our high school poets need to know to enter:

  • A minimum of 7 winning poets will receive a check for $200. 
  • High school poets are invited to enter.  No entry fee.  Email your poem to:
  • Poems submitted should, in any way possible, evoke humankind’s awareness of the natural world and nature as such.
  • One submission per student by the student. There’s no restriction on form or length.
  • Please include in your email your name, school grade, high school with city and state, and name of your English teacher.
  • Poems should be submitted in English.  Poems will be escrowed using the Law DeskTop's escrow service Law DeskTop - Escrow.