Charity Details


Donations of money can be made in three ways:

1. By contact with the Save the Children Head Office. (

2. By contacting the Hon. Secretary on 01962 732374 or the Hon. Treasurer on 01962 733816.

3. By placing money in the collecting box in the Eastleigh Shop.

N.B. Completion of a Gift Aid form will increase the value of your donation by 25% if you are a taxpayer.

Donations of goods for resale can be made by contacting the following:

1. Mr. Bob  Wheeler (Tel. 01962 733744) for Jigsaws,&  Board Games.  

2. Mr. Rob Attenborough (Tel: 01962 733605) for Books.

3. Mrs. Alison Denny (Tel; 01962 738799) or Mrs. Janey Matthews (Tel. 91962 771147) for Costume Jewellry

4. Directly to the Eastleigh Shop

5. Mr. Bryce Mansfield (01962 733816) for DVDs & Bric a Brac and other goods to go to Eastleigh shop.