The AWB was set up just after the war, as
 an Act of Parliament along with many other Wages Boards. (see AWO for details & history). These Wages Boards helped regularise and standardise the relations between employers and employees. Representatives of each meet under the auspices of solicitors, civil servants and key individuals to determine the wages and grades of workers, so that all farmers can follow.  

The Wages Boards were nearly all done away with by the Thatcher government in the late 1980's. Only the Agricultural Wages Board remained as it was widely recognised that the power relations between farm workers and farm owners was so unequal that a regulatory system was needed. 

Nevertheless the AWB has been abolished as one of the quangos to be added to the bonfire. When the Bill came to parliament in October 2011, there was a good debate, however the vote was lost. This site was set up during a period of consultation where could make our voice heard. This website explains what the issues are and why the AWB should be saved.

The AWB was abolished without a proper vote in the Commons late 2013.

Their Welsh Assembly challenged the right of the UK government to determine whether thay had an AWB - after all it had been the Engaland and Wales Agricutural Board. THE Supreme Court of this country has just decided that Wales have the right over this matter.. The Welsh AWB will be reconsituted in a slightly different form. Scotland and Northern Ireland will continue with their AWBs. Only England has no AWB', thus showing how this is a victory for the plantation owners, rather than family farms.

Here on this site, we cover the ground before that happened. 

Since the Abolition, Scotland have decided to keep their AW Board. Details based on this impact assessment

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