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St. George News, September 2018

posted Sep 30, 2018, 4:03 AM by Barbra Kress   [ updated Sep 30, 2018, 4:03 AM ]

Vatican Appeal

Our appeal of the closing of St. George Church (St. John Vianney) has advanced to the Apostolic Signatura (Supreme Court) at the Vatican. We have retained the services of a canon lawyer in Rome to guide our case through the process. We'll send out updates as our case moves through the court system.

Association of the Christian Faithful

The St. George Church Preservation Society (SGCPS) has adopted statutes that constitutes our organization as a “private association of the Christian faithful”. We are not affiliated with the Diocese of Pittsburgh. This status is another step in the process where SGCPS could be authorized to own a Catholic church. In the future, we will establish a membership application process for anyone who would like to become a member of the association.

Save the Date! Saturday, November 3, 2018

St. George Fall-fest will take place at St. Pius X Auditorium in Carrick. We are planning dinner, live entertainment, dancing, door prizes & raffles. Details on reservations, menu, etc. will follow next week.

Check Out our Web Site Updates

Photos We've added a tab for some of the photos of St. George Church that we have accumulated over the years.

WWII Memorial Names  We've also added a tab that lists all 1018 names that are on the WWII Memorial that was on the church. We'll send out another reminder on Veteran's Day.

Appeal News Update 8.4.2015

posted Aug 18, 2018, 5:29 PM by Barbra Kress   [ updated Aug 18, 2018, 5:30 PM ]

Our Vatican Appeal

This week, parishioners of the former St. John Vianney Parish began the process of filing our third appeal to the Vatican regarding the closing of St. John Vianney Church (dedicated as St. George Church). Although our first appeal was successful, the Diocese did not agree to reopen the church and the second appeal was required. Since our second appeal was not successful, we consulted with our canon lawyer and found several issues that were not given proper consideration. We have now started the next level of the appeal and will be retaining the services of a canon lawyer in Rome who will represent us at the Vatican for this latest effort.

In the meantime, we will try to open further discussions with the Diocese to come to an agreement outside of the court system.

Background Information

After the Diocese ordered the church closed for worship in April, 2016, parishioners appealed that decision to the Vatican court system. The windows were covered over and the church contents were secured.

In August, 2016, the Congregation for the Clergy at the Vatican revoked the original decision to close the church. In the following months, parishioners and the St. George Church Preservation Society (SGCPS) submitted a viable plan to lease the church for worship and then repair, maintain and operate it at no cost to the diocese. Volunteers have been keeping the exterior of the church clear of litter and weeds.

Subsequently, the Diocese issued a new decree in June, 2017, to keep the church closed. The decree also requires the removal of the stained glass windows, sacred items, statues and anything of value from the church. (In other churches, this also included removal of pews, bells and painting over artwork inside the church.)

A second appeal was filed by parishioners in August, 2017 to reopen the church for worship and prevent the salvage work.

While waiting for a response to this appeal, we submitted a second viable proposal to the Diocese. This new plan was copied from the Diocese of Joliet, IL, where the Bishop offered to deed a church to a parishioner group (similar to SGCPS) who would take ownership and keep it open for worship at no cost to the Diocese. The proposal in Joliet is presently being implemented there.

We have not received a response from the Diocese of Pittsburgh regarding our similar ownership proposal to repair maintain and operate St. John Vianney Church.

Two Very Different Outcomes

Parishioners and SGCPS are working hard to secure a different outcome than the Diocese has proposed.


The Parishioners and SGCPS Outcome (At no cost to the Diocese)

  • Provide a Catholic place for worship in Allentown where the lost faithful can return.

  • Repair, restore and care for this beloved historic landmark and light it up to provide the halo effect of a beacon to define the skyline of Allentown.

  • Provide community gathering spaces for fellowship and events.

  • Renovate a space for the Food Bank to return to the church and serve the community.

  • Establish a safe and secure place to archive parishioner and community memorabilia.

The Diocese Outcome

  • Discard the efforts of generations of devoted parishioners who served, donated and volunteered their talent, time and resources to establish and maintain St. George Church.

  • As was proposed by the Diocese in August, 2015, demolition of the historic church could leave the community with a hole in the ground or another neglected vacant lot.

  • If left standing, this historic landmark that defines the skyline of the Allentown neighborhood would be cannibalized for salvage value. As ordered by the Diocese in January, 2016 and again in June, 2017, the community could be left with a shell of an abandoned church with windows and anything of value removed.

  • The church could remain vacant and abandoned for years along with the many other abandoned churches in the area.

There are over 70 Catholic churches around the Country that are being cared for by separate organizations that are similar to SGCPS. Unlike the Diocese, SGCPS is a small nonprofit that has minimal overhead costs and can make very efficient use of donations and volunteer services.

There would be no cost to the Diocese if they would accept either our lease or ownership proposal. All responsibility and cost for the repair and operation of the church would be transferred to SGCPS.

It is obvious that there is nothing to lose for the Diocese.

Many have asked why such attractive proposals are not being accepted by the Diocese since they provide a much better outcome for everyone without leaving our neighborhoods with the burden of another abandoned church.

While we will continue with our efforts through the appeal process, please pray that our discussions with the Diocese will lead to an agreement with a successful outcome for parishioners and the communities that surround the church.


WWII Memorial Names

Thanks to one of our dedicated volunteers, we have all of the names from the St. George WWII memorial entered on to a spreadsheet. We are planning to place this list on our web site so that our St. George Family & supporters can view all of the 1071 names on the memorial. This should be ready by Veteran's Day. Please check our web site often.


Fall Event Planning

Planning has started for an event for this Fall. Since we received many compliments about the venue at St. Pius X Auditorium in Carrick, it could work well again for a Fall event.

If you have any suggestions for the event, please send us a note.

The St. George Spaghetti Dinner was a great success!

posted Aug 18, 2018, 5:21 PM by Barbra Kress   [ updated Aug 18, 2018, 5:24 PM ]

The St. Pius X Auditorium was filled as the St. George Spaghetti Dinner sold out. The crowd was excited and appreciative for this opportunity to gather and reminisce. There were many compliments for the fun event and the great food.


To view photos of the Spaghetti Dinner, click here . 

In addition to the Door Prizes, Chinese Auction and Raffle, there was a slide show of St. George photos, a display of the St. George WWII memorial and the St. George trophies. Guests also gathered around the replica St. George Statue for photos.


Also, the St. George Store had items for sale including mugs, T-shirts, and the 1960s sketch by artist Calvin Lynch.

The volunteers at the St. George Church Preservation Society would like to thank everyone for coming to this special event and for your generosity, encouragement and support. All proceeds will benefit the ongoing effort to 'Reopen & Restore' the former St. George Church.

St. George Spaghetti Dinner: Winners

posted Jun 5, 2018, 5:33 AM by Barbra Kress   [ updated Jun 5, 2018, 5:33 AM ]

St. George Spaghetti Dinner

May 19, 2018

50/50 WINNER

Mary Gorski


Jamie Wittman 
Nancy Pfeifer 
Shelly Mehrenberg 
Dorothy Kohler 
Holly Jones 
Jeanne Stefanic 
Bob O'Connor 
Shelly Mehrenberg 
Roberta Bell 
Holly Jones 
Shelly Mehrenberg 
Rob Doerschner 
Mary Gorski 
Charles Poulain 
Mary Lou Schmidt 
Bill Spero 
Debbie Lang

Lisa Binder
Rob Doerschner
Gigi Wagner Beatty
Wayne Wilson
Bernigene Doerschner
Melissa Abbott
Charles Poulain
John Semmer
Helen Baney
Celeste O'Connor
Joann Sporter
Anne Scharding
George Rudolph
Rich Panicco
Laura Codori
Pat Kelleher
Joanne Haduch
Bill Spero
Marina Regec
Jamie Wittman
Mark Wittman
Lee Averbeck
Mary Kay Boerner

St. George Spaghetti Dinner: THANK YOU!

posted Jun 5, 2018, 5:27 AM by Barbra Kress   [ updated Jun 5, 2018, 5:27 AM ]

The St. George Committee would like to thank
everyone who attended our Spaghetti Dinner.

In addition, we thank our generous supporters. 

Patty's Kitchen Crew
Patty Campbell
Julie Campbell
Liam Campbell
Keith Frazier
Eric McNamee
Sue Whetstone

Alla Famiglia Restaurant, Jonathan Vlasic
All Ads Up
Allentown Community Development Corp.
Auto Zone, Saw Mill Run
Barry Funeral Home
Nicole Binder
Black Forge Coffee House
Black Market Deli
Brashear Association
Breakfast at Shelly's
Brentwood Giant Eagle
Kathy Byerly
Karen Campbell
Day & Night Heating & AC
Decker's Gulf Service Station
Dollar Bank
Gerri Felice
Mary Gorski
Joanne Haduch
Hilltop Alliance
Beth Kostella
Kathy Morus
Onion Maiden Restaurant
Pennsylvania Sportsmen's Club
Howard W. Pfeifer, Professional Engineer
Pro Sales & Marketing
Rainy Days Hair Salon
Margie Sammel
South Park Shoppes
South Pittsburgh Reporter
South Side Giant Eagle
St. Pius X Church, Norma & Bob Langol
Gary and Mary Lou Schmidt
The Pizza Company
Tony & Peggy Tommarello
UUBU6 Restaurant
Wittman Family

2018 Spring Fundraiser, St. George Spaghetti Dinner

posted May 20, 2018, 5:45 PM by Barbra Kress   [ updated May 20, 2018, 5:47 PM ]

St. George Spaghetti Dinner
Saturday, May 19, 2018 
Doors open at 4:00PM & Dinner will be served at 5:00 PM

St. Pius X Byzantine Catholic Church

2336 Brownsville Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15210

The event includes Dinner, Dessert, Door prizes & Raffles.
We're featuring Alla Famiglia Sauce
(click here to visit the Alla Famiglia Restaurant site)

Seating is limited, reservations end on May 1
Donation $15.00

Spread the word!

Please tell all your friends & family about this special event!

Proceeds benefit the St. George Church Preservation Society
Alla Famiglia Sauce
Meat Balls
Italian Bread & Butter
Iced Tea & Lemonade

Other Features
Keepsake Program
Door Prizes
Chinese Auction
Photo Slideshow
WWII Memorial
Trophy Table
Photos with St. George
Group Photos

Items from the
St. George Store:
- New T-shirt Design
- Coffee Mugs
- Sketch of St. George Church
-2018 St. George Family Cards

St. George News, March 2018

posted May 6, 2018, 10:48 AM by Barbra Kress   [ updated May 6, 2018, 10:48 AM ]

Vatican Appeal

We are still waiting to hear from the Vatican on our latest appeal to reopen St. George Church (St. John Vianney). Based on the timing of our previous successful appeal, we should be notified soon on their decision.

H&R Block

We have joined the H&R Block Nonprofit Referral Program. When you use H&R Block to file your taxes*, $20.00 is donated to St. George Church Preservation Society. Just mention St. George to your H&R Block preparer. Our client ID is 40010001096108. Thank You! (*First time users of H&R Block)

Cemetery Update

The St. John Vianney Cemetery (formerly St. George & St. Joseph Mt. Oliver) has been transferred to the Catholic Parishes Cemetery Association. For any inquiries, please contact:

CPCA Central Regional Office
1000 Logue St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15220

Heinz History Center

FYI, please note that the 2017 St. George Family Cards for the Heinz History Center are now expired.

To get a new card for 2018, please visit the St. George Store.

Save The Date!!!
Saturday, May 19, 2018 for the St. George Spaghetti Dinner

Please plan to join us for our spring fundraising event. For more information and to make your reservation online follow this link.

Happy New Year! 2017 In Review

posted May 6, 2018, 10:36 AM by Barbra Kress   [ updated May 6, 2018, 10:37 AM ]

Happy New Year to our St. George Family & Supporters!!

Please note that the 2017 St. George Family Cards for the Heinz History Center are now expired.To get a new card for 2018, please visit the St. George Store.

Once again in 2017, hundreds of individuals, organizations and businesses have supported our efforts.
To see the list of our supporters, click HERE.

We would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the significant progress in our mission to reopen & restore the former St. George Church. With the help of our St. George Family, alumni, SJV parishioners, neighbors and our supporters, it has been a productive year.


On August 25, 2016, the Vatican revoked the decision to close St. John Vianney Church (consecrated as St. George Church). They indicated that the church continues to be “a consecrated edifice......would retain it's sacred character”.

Because the church is still a consecrated edifice, it is not to be sold or cannibalized for salvage value and the stained glass windows are protected. The church is under the jurisdiction of St. Mary of the Mount Parish. The liabilities and debt of the former St. John Vianney Parish were forgiven after the parish was divided. The liabilities and debt were never an obligation of the church building.

Parishioners and the St. George Church Preservation Society (SGCPS) are now immediately prepared to care for the church and to begin the restoration work.

2017 in review

Since the Vatican revoked the decision to close the church, the planning process and dialog with Diocese and St. Mary of the Mount Parish continued.


A detailed plan was presented to the Parish where the Church would serve as a ministry base to serve Allentown and the surrounding neighborhoods at no cost to the Parish. The restoration of the church would be accomplished over five years by SGCPS.

Sadly, in February, we lost Gary Lindner. Gary was a founding member of the St. George Church Preservation Society and dedicated much effort and determination to our mission.


On April 23 (the feast day of St. George) a capacity crowd filled the Linden Grove Nightclub in Castle Shannon as the St. George Family and supporters gathered for a fun filled evening of dining and dancing.


A presentation was made to St. Mary of the Mount Parish Pastoral Council to give a detailed outline of the proposal to reopen and restore the Church. In addition, a detailed lease and business plan was provided to the Diocese and Parish to define the proposal to operate and restore the Church at no cost to the Parish.

We welcomed a graduate of the Catholic University of America in architecture to join our planning committee.


Unfortunately, on June 18, the Diocese issued a new decree to keep the Church closed. This new decree includes the removal of the stained glass windows, sacred items and anything of salvage value. In response, the procurator for our parishioners initiated the appeal process to suspend this new decree.

Our committee welcomed another new member with experience in mechanical engineering and project management.


Our procurator met with Bishop Zubik and his staff to provide details of our proposal to reopen and restore the Church and discuss the proposed lease and business plan. Unfortunately, this viable proposal was declined. As a result, parishioners will again appeal this issue to the Vatican court system.

SGCPS joined the Sen. John Heinz History Center affiliate program (HCAP). This affiliation provides benefits to the St. George Family and resources for SGCPS.

A security camera system was installed to monitor activity around the Church.


The appeal documents with 30 attachments were sent to the Congregation for the Clergy at the Vatican.


Our Fall event was held at the historic Teutonia Mannerchor as the St. George Family, guests and supporters celebrated St. George Oktoberfest. The large crowd enjoyed dinner and some great German music by the Barons.


We received a response from the Vatican that indicates that our appeal documents were received and are in order. We expect a decision in a few months.

The St. George Store was launched. Our on-line store included calendars, Christmas cards, aprons and sketches that feature St. George Church. Purchases can be made on-line, by phone or by mail.


With the help of our CPA firm, we moved forward with transferring our financial records from spreadsheets into Quickbooks.

The successful Christmas Card and calendar sales resulted in hundreds of St. George Church cards being sent to friends and family everywhere.

During 2017, SGCPS continued to network with these organizations to support our mission:

Allentown CDC, Allentown Senior Citizens' Center, Brashear Association, German American Chamber of Commerce, Hilltop Alliance, Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation, Preservation Pittsburgh, Young Preservationists Association, Teutonia Mannerchor and now the Sen. John Heinz History Center.

Looking Forward
In 2018, efforts will continue to reach an arrangement with the Diocese and Parish to reopen and restore the Church in order to avoid additional appeals. With the help of the St. George Family and supporters, we are ready to provide for the care and restoration of the Church. There are over 60 Catholic churches in other dioceses that are being cared for by similar organizations.

In the meantime, while we wait for the decision, we'll continue to keep our 1200 contacts updated and we'll bolster the resources of the St. George Church Preservation Society. Events and fund-raisers will be planned to keep the St. George Family together and support our mission.

For all of the latest news and updates from us, join our email list HERE.


posted Jan 11, 2018, 1:32 PM by Barbra Kress   [ updated Jan 14, 2018, 1:55 PM ]

We thank everyone who supported our mission in 2017.

(Please contact us at 412-502-5062 with any omissions or corrections.)



Dave Abbott

Carol Abbott

Joye Acquaro

Fred Aheimer

Gerry Aheimer

Al & Esther Nowacki family

Albert W.Ott Agency, Glenn Ott

All Ads Up, Eric Schuman

Alla Famiglia Restaurant, Jonathan Vlasic

Allentown CDC, Tom Smith

Judy Hackel

Allentown Senior Citizens Center, Hugh Brannan

Marilyn Anderson

Chuck Anderson

Jane Andrews

Ellen Ashburn

Warren Ashburn

Sharon Augustine

AutoZone, Cranberry, Pat Young

Nathan Auvil

Amy Averbeck

Lee Averbeck

Kathy Badaracco

Helen Baney

Matt Barsotti

Jerry Barthelemy

Carol Barthelemy

Connie Bayer

Karl Bayer

Mary Belack

Nancy Berdych

Ruth Betz

Robert Betz

Paula Bevan

Jim Binder

Nicole Binder

Lisa Binder

Black Forge Coffe House, Ashley Corts

Nick Miller

Brashear Association, Hugh Brannan

Breakfast at Shelly's

Fr. Donald Breier

Brentwood Giant Eagle, Bob Och

Richard Bright

Jean Buckley

Barbara Buczynski

Rick Buczynski

Bea Burey

Susie Burke

Kathy Byerly

Wayne Byerly

Karen Campbell

Catholic Church Preservation Society,

Brody Hale

Church Mutual Insurance, Chris Lewis

Roy Cinowalt

Jack Craig

Carolyn Craig

Kathy Crawford

Noreen Crowell

Sharon Czyzewski

Adelaide Davis

Tim Davis

Tom & Debbie Davis

Terrence Davis

Michael & Tricia Davis

Mary Davis

Day & Night Heating & AC, Dave Pudup

Decker's Service Station, Jeff Decker

Judy Del Re

Cheri Diethorn

Dale Diethorn

DivineMayhem Studios, Jason Furda

Kate Dobrowski

Bob Doerschner

Dollar Bank, Amy Averbeck

Mary Ann Eiben

John Eiben

Lauren Elm

Andrea Evans

Roseann Farkasovsky

Gerri Felice

Georgia Ferris

Ed & Renita Fink

Amy Fisher

Patricia Forney

Lani & Ray Fritz

Jennifer Childress Fruzel

Jason Furda

Clare Gallagher

Douglas Garrard

Gary Gorski Architecture

Barbara Geary

German American Chamber of Commerce, Rachel Mauer

Maxine Germeyer

Gail Gerono

Phyllis Gordon

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Mary Gorski

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Mern Guest

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Jeff & Carrie Haduch

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Dennis Hahn

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Hair by Conroy, Tom & Carol Conroy

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Hilltop Alliance, Aaron Sukenick

Sinena Kane

Hilltop Methodist Church, Rev. Matthew Price

Matthew Hoffman

Pat Hogan

Jane Holmes

David Hoskowicz

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Howard Pfeifer, P.E.

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James J. Barry Funeral Home, Joan Barry

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November 2017 News Update

posted Nov 6, 2017, 4:44 PM by Barbra Kress   [ updated Nov 6, 2017, 4:46 PM ]

We have recently received an update from the Vatican regarding the appeal to reopen St. John Vianney
(St. George Church) for worship.

The appeal documents, that included 30 attachments, were sent to the Congregation for the Clergy in August by the procurator.

Cardinal Stella at the Vatican indicates in his recent letter that the appeal documents have been received in order and accepted for examination.

Based on the timing of our previous appeal that revoked the Diocesan decision to close the church, we should be notified of a decision within a few months.

Important information and Vatican guidelines about church closing and parish closing issues 

Anyone who has a concern about the future of Catholic churches or parishes should take a few minutes to review the attached guidelines that were issued by the Vatican just a few years ago. They clearly define the difference between a church and a parish and they define the separate procedures that are applied.

These guidelines clearly provide a path to success for the efforts of the parishioners who seek to reopen and restore St. George Church for worship.

Click HERE to read the Vatican guidelines.

Please pray for a positive response to our appeal.
Thank You

St. George Calendar Update

We now have all 12 of the monthly calendar pictures for viewing in the St. George Store.

Please click HERE to view the photos.

1-10 of 67